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Plenary Lecture & Thematic Plenary Lecture

Computational Optimization for Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering
Qing Li
A frictional contact algorithm for implicit material point method
Zhenpeng Chen, Xiong Zhang, Xinming Qiu, Yan Liu

MS-000 General Papers

A finite element model of crimped fibril reinforced composite to predict the mechanical response subjected to tensile load
Li Liu, Dean Hu, Xu Han
Research on the biomechanics of lumbar muscles based on musculoskeletal model
Xiaotong Zhan, Zhiyong Li, Qiang Chen
Computational Approach to Analyzing 3D Strain Distribution in Opaque Materials via Micro Computer Tomography
Lingtao Mao, Haizhou Liu, Fu-pen Chiang
3D Simulation of the Defect Generation by Hydrogen at $Si-SiO_2$ Interface
Zhaocan Ma, Jingjie Xu, Hongliang Li, Yu Song, Linbo Zhang, Benzhuo Lu
A reduced-order modeling technique for nonlinear buckling analysis
Ke Liang
The Cardinal spline methods for the numerical solution of nonlinear integral equations
Xiaoyan Liu, Jiahuan Huang
A truss section size optimization design method based on constraint variation principle
Yubin Liu, Xin Zheng, Shengjun Zhang, Feng Shen, Xiangrong Fu
Flutter frequency based on bending - torsion coupling theory
Xin Zheng, Yu-Bin LIU, Pu CHEN, Feng SHEN, Sheng-Jun ZHANG, Xiang-Rong FU
Random walk of Brownian particles on non-uniform grids
Jianwen Zhang, Zirui Li
CFD analysis of the heat transfer of fire doors under the standard time-temperature curve
Hou-Kuan Tam, Hau-Yin Leung, Lap-Mou Tam, Seng-Kin Lao

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

Numerical methods for structural dynamic responses based on radial basis functions approximation
Yanting Li, Jiqing Xu, Xibin Xu
Nystrom extrapolation algorithm for solving delay Volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernel
li zhang, Jin Huang, Yubin Pan, Hongyan Liu
A Non-standard Finite-difference Scheme for a Burgers-Fisher Partial Differential Equation with Bounded Travelling-wave solutions
G.F Sun, G.R Liu
Hybrid approximation spaces for solving compressible Navier-Stokes equations with high Reynolds number
Fan Zhang, Jian Cheng, Tiegang Liu

MS-004 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

Stability analysis of smoothed finite element method with explicit method for transient heat transfer
Xin Rong, Ming Li, Ruiping Niu
A novel alpha smoothed finite elements method for ultra-accurate solution using quadrilateral elements
yanhua li
A Characteristic based ES-FEM with Polynomial Pressure Projection for Incompressible flows
Chen Jiang, Xu Han, G.R. Liu
A weakened weak (W2) form and a G space
Ming Li

MS-006 Modelling and Characterisation of Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials

Numerical calculation of material configurational force based on ABAQUS secondary development and its applications
Yue Chen, Qun Li
Crack interacting with an individual hole by the fracture criterion of configurational force
Bin Gu, Yuli Guo, Qun Li
Shakedown analysis of structures with temperature-dependent properties

MS-007 Numerical modelling of nonlinear transient phenomena

Investigation of dispersion effects in plates from a numerical point of view
Piotr Kijanka, Pawel Packo, Rafal Radecki, Michael J. Leamy

MS-008 Algorithms, Software and Applications of Large-Scale Computation

Fourier transform analysis of convergence properties of MultiGrid V-cycle algorithms
Yu Zhang, Ming Li, Guirong Liu
Large scale traffic evacuation simulation based on multi-agent modeling
shuiping Yu, Shengcheng Yuan, Yi Liu, Jing Qian
Building Language Models with Fuzzy Weights
Tsan-Jung He, Shie-Jue Lee, Chih-Hung Wu

MS-009 Particle Based Methods

Simulation of high-velocity impact process of 3D woven orthogonal composite from meso-scale point-based model
Yan Liu, Xuena Si, Xiong Zhang
Accelerating Peridynamics Program Using GPU with CUDA and OpenACC
J.X. Li, J.M. Zhao, F. Xu, Y.J. Liu
Time-discontinuous Material Point Method for Transient Problems involving Discontinuities in Stress
Yonggang Zheng, Mengkai Lu, Jiayong Zhang, Hongwu Zhang, Zhen Chen
Simulation of hydraulic fracturing process by using peridynamics
Shuhui Li, Fan Wu

MS-012 Computational Modeling for Cardiovascular Disease and Biological Applications

Numerical Simulation of Instantaneous Wave-Free Ratio of Stenosed Coronary Artery
Wenxin Wang, Youjun Liu, Boyan Mao, Bao Li
A Segmentation Method for Intracoronary Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Image Based on Least Squares Support Vector Machine: Vulnerable Coronary Plaque Cap Thickness Quantification
Xiaoya Guo, Dalin Tang, David Molony, Chun Yang, Habib Samady, Jie Zheng, Gary Mintz, Akiko Maehara, Liang Wang, Xuan Pei, Zhi-Yong Li, Genshan Ma, Don Giddens
Reproducibility of optical coherence tomography imaging based measurements of the fibrous cap thickness in lipid-enrich atheroma
Chunliu He, Zhiyong Li, Jiaqiu Wang, Yuxiang Huang, Yuehong Miao, Tongjing Zhu
Effect of distal stenosis on the blood flow in right coronary arteries with serial stenoses
Biyue Liu, Dalin Tang
An FSI modeling approach to combine IVUS and OCT for more accurate patient-specific coronary cap thickness and stress/strain calculations
Xiaoya Guo, Don Giddens, David Molony, Chun Yang, Habib Samady, Jie Zheng, Gary Mintz, Akiko Maehara, Liang Wang, Xuan Pei, Zhi-Yong Li, Dalin Tang
The method of personalized lumped parameter model of coronary artery
Bao Li, Wenxin Wang, Xi Zhao, Boyan Mao, Youjun Liu, Zhou Zhao
Geometric calibration based on a simple phantom for multi-lens microscopic CT
Luo Shouhua, Xu Haitao, Zheng Liang, Zhang Xiaobing, Shen Tao
Hemodynamic effects of lesion length on competitive flow with internal mammary artery bypass
Boyan Mao, Huixia Zhang, Wenxin Wang, Bao Li, Youjun Liu
Applying virtual stent deployment to study flow-diversion treatment for intracranial aneurysms: the effect of stent compaction on post-treatment wire configuration
Mingzi Zhang, Yujie Li, David I. Verrelli, Winston Chong, Makoto Ohta, Yi Qian
Modelling flow-diverting stent as porous medium with different permeabilities in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms: a comparison of a successfully treated case and an unsuccessful one
Yujie Li, Mingzi Zhang, David I. Verrelli, William Yang, Winston Chong, Makoto Ohta, Yi Qian
Impact of carotid bifurcation geometry on atherosclerotic formation: A hemodynamic study
Xin-Ke Yao, Yan Cai, Jie Gao, Ge-Lin Xu, Zhi-Yong Li

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Accelerating BEM in macromolecular electrostatics computing
Benzhuo Lu
A double-layer interpolation boundary face method for potential problems in two dimensions
Jianming Zhang, Weicheng Lin
Improved method of fundamental solutions in conjunction with kernel-independent fast multipole method for solving potential problems
Zhuojia Fu, Junpi Li, Wen Chen
In-plane free vibration of circular and annular FG disks
Yang Yang, Kun Pang Kou, Chi Chiu Lam
Shape optimization of acoustic structure using an isogeometric fast multipole boundary element method
Haibo Chen, Cheng Liu, Wenchang Zhao
A FEM/BEM based topology optimization of submerged bi-material shell structures under harmonic excitations
Wenchang Zhao, Leilei Chen, Cheng Liu, Haibo Chen
An application of fast multipole method to isogeometric boundary element method in two-dimensional acoustic problems
Jie Wang, cheng liu, haibo chen
A new fast direct solver for the BEM
Yijun Liu, Shuo Huang
Band Structures of Phononic Crystals with Defects Based on the Boundary Element Method
Feng-lian Li

MS-014 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems

Mean Field Free Energy Functional of Electrolyte Solution with Non-homogenous BCs and the Generalized PB/PNP Equations
Xuejiao Liu
Concept of dynamical traps in modeling human behavior
Ihor Lubashevsky

MS-015 Fluid-Structure Interaction and Multiphysics Problems in Aerospace Engineering

Control of Energy Flow and Wave Propagation by Periodically Distributing Piezoelectric Materials with Identical Shunting Circuits
Yu FAN, Lin Li, Olivier Bareille, Mohamed Ichchou

MS-016 Multiscale modelling of damage and fracture in quasi-brittle materials

Micromechanical Studies of Strain Rate Dependent Compressive Strength in Brittle Polycrystalline Materials
Bo Li, Hao Jiang, Zongyue Fan

MS-017 Computational errors and their evaluation

Extrapolation Methods for Computing Supersingular Integral on a Circle
Jin Li

MS-018 Computational modeling and experimental characterization of soft tissues

Calculation of unloaded configurations for finite element simulations of patient-specific geometries with application to human common carotid artery
Xuhui Li, Mikhail Itskov, Mahmood Jabareen
Simulation of Biological Tissues using Numerical Hyperelasticity and Strain-Enriched Finite Element Analysis (Sefea)
H. Theodore Lin

MS-019 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Parameters optimization of hydraulic fracturing for improving fracture complexity in shale reservoirs
Chuang Liu
Performance evaluation of large-scale high-frequency electromagnetic field simulations using iterative substructuring methods
A Quadric Stabilization Approach on Partitioned Fluid-Structure Interaction Algorithm
Ming-Jian Li

MS-022 Advanced modeling techniques and applications for polymer based additive manufacturing

Development of a multi-phase viscoelastic solver for polymer based additive manufacturing simulation
Jun Liu, Kelly Anderson, N. Sridhar

MS-023 Numerical modelling of fibre reinforced composites under impact and blast

Numerical modeling of a hybrid GFRP-concrete beam subjected to low-velocity impact loading
Zongjun Li, Amar Khennane, Paul Jonathan Hazell, Alex Remennikov

MS-024 Advanced Computational Methods for Soft Matters

Buckling of interfacial layers in periodic cellular composite structures
YuHao He, Rong Huang, Zishun Liu
Auxetic metamaterials of square structure
Yu Zhou, Zishun LIU

MS-025 Modelling and Simulation on Nanomechanics

Strain rate and temperature dependent mechanical properties in CNT-reinforced magnesium composites
Xia Zhou, Xiaoxia Liu, Mengqi Shen
Plastic deformation mechanism in gradient nanoscale grained iron via atomistic model coupled with crystal plasticity finite element simulations
Jia Li

MS-027 Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials

Characterization of damage-healing-plasticity-breakage in multi-scale DEM-FEM modeling of granular material
Xikui Li, Zenghui Wang, Qinglin Duan
A new multiscale computation method for geometrically nonlinear analysis of 3D fluid actuated cellular structures
Jun Lv, Liang Zhang, Hongwu Zhang

MS-028 Advanced Computational Methods for The Mechanical Modeling of Materials and Structures

Some novel numerical applications of Cosserat continua
Nicholas Fantuzzi, Lorenzo Leonetti, Patrizia Trovalusci, Francesco Tornabene

MS-029 Computational Methods in Engineering

Study of RFD Model Spectrum and the Characteristic Conversion Methods
J.Y. Li, Hui Wang
Acoustic Characteristics of Three-dimensional Membrane-imbedded Acoustic Metamaterial
Yang Li, Xiaoming Wang, Yulin Mei
Matrix acidizing analysis in fractured carbonate formations by using UPNM
Yun Chen, Guo Wei Ma, Tuo Li, Yang Wang, Feng Ren
Investigation of Bridging Method to Predict Rarefied Aerodynamics of Lift Body
Xiao-wen Liu, Guo-hui Dou, An-long Gong
Numerical solution of a bioheat transfer problem with transient blood temperature
Kuo-Chi Liu, Fong-Jou Tu

MS-032 Recent Advances in Meshfree and Particle Methods

Two-dimensional SPH simulation of liquid sloshing in a rotating tank
jiaru shao, Moubin Liu
A new formula for predicting the crater size of a target plate produced by hypervelocity impact
zhilang Zhang, moubin Liu
Pressure control in dissipative particle dynamics and its application in simulating micro- and nano-bubbles
Yuqing Lin, Jiaming Li, Dingyi Pan
Particle method simulation of violent sloshing under rotational excitation
Min Luo, Chan Ghee Koh
The CCVMLS approximation and the envelop method
D.M. Li
A novel velocity field correction method to reproduce wake effects in unresolved modeling of granular flows
Zekun Wang, Khuram Walayat, Moubin Liu
A multigrid finite element fictitious boundary method for fluid-solid two-phase flows
Khuram Walayat, Zekun Wang, Kamran Usman, Moubin Liu

MS-033 Modelling and Simulation of Multifunctional Composite Materials

Application of the improved equivalent static loads optimization theory on the crash condition of vehicle components
QQ Li, Z. C. He, Tao Tao Chen, A. G. Cheng
Temperature influences on the performance of a dielectric elastomer generator with consideration of dissipation processes and failures
Shoue Chen, Zhicheng He, Eric Li
An ultra-accurate algorithm in the design of fluid/solid and solid/fluid phononics crystals
Eric Li
An acoustic pressure-based method for load identification in coupled structural-acoustic system with non-probabilistic uncertain variables
Xinyou Lin

MS-035 Computational ship mechanics: theory, numerical methods and engineering applications

Smoothed point interpolation method (S-PIM): A brief history and recent developments
Guiyong Zhang, Da Hui, Shuangqiang Wang, Huan Lu, Gui-Rong Liu
Numerical method for underwater explosion loads and the associated structure damage
Rui Han, Yunlong Liu, Aman Zhang
Coupling immersed boundary-lattice Boltzmann method with smoothed point interpolation method for large-displacement fluid-structure interaction problems
Shuangqiang Wang, Guiyong Zhang, Yunan Cai, Sheng Li, Jianhua Lu
Numerical Predictions of Hydrodynamic Forces and Squat of Ships in Confined Waters
Yi Liu, Lu Zou, Zao-Jian Zou, Teng-Chao Lu
The Numerical Investigation on Hydrodynamic Performance of Twisted Rudder during Self-propulsion
Cong Liu, Decheng Wan
Numerical modeling of bubbles near rigid boundary using OpenFOAM
Shiping Wang, Tong Li, Aman Zhang
Numerical Simulation of Internal Flow Field Characteristics for a Ducted Propeller
Jie Gong, Chunyu Guo, Tiecheng Wu, Kewei Song, Jianfeng Lin
Experimental and Numerical Study on the Wake Field of a 76000 DWT Panamax Bulker
Tiecheng Wu, chunyu Guo, Wanzhen Luo, Jie Gong, Yongze Xu, Wenxuan She

MS-036 Immersed boundary method for fluid structure interaction

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) method to simulate complex-structured soft-body locomotion using OpenFOAM
Hui FENG, Peter TODD, Heow Pueh LEE

MS-037 Nanoscale thermal transport and nanomechanics

Invited: Thermal Transport in Graphene with Defect and Doping: Phonon Modes Analysis
Shiqian Hu, Jie Chen, Nuo Yang, Baowen Li

MS-038 Computational and experimental methods on additive manufacturing and related welding technologies

Simulation analysis of Electron beam melting using a multi-scale model
Pengwei Liu, Xiangyang Cui

MS-041 Computational Methods in Acoustics and Elastodynamics

A meshfree method for dynamic analysis of rotating thick plates with third-order shear deformation theory
chaofan du, Dingguo Zhang, Guirong Liu
Acoustical Properties of the Composite Structures Made of Micro-Perforated Plates and Honeycomb Core
Menglin Li, Fei Xu

MS-042 Numerical modelling methods and applications in renewable energy flows

Wind field simulation over complex terrain with isogeometric analysis
Rafael Montenegro, J.M. Escobar, J.I. López, M. Brovka, A. Oliver, G. Montero, E. Rodríguez, G.V. Socorro-Marrero

MS-044 Structural optimization method and application

Design of lightest pyramidal lattice hollow truss structures with maximum sound insulation performance under random and interval uncertainties
Jie Liu
Shape optimum design of shear panel damper made of low yield steel
Yang LIU
Stability Optimization of A Two-leg Shield Hydraulic Support Based on Its Force Equilibrium Zone
Lichuang Liang, Hui Zheng
A metamodel updating strategy for multi-objective optimization with expensive simulation models
Fengling Gao, Yingchun Bai, Cheng Lin
Optimum design of slender and tall wind turbine tower for residual vibration reduction
Yinan Lu, Gengdong Cheng

MS-045 Computational Biomechanics

Effectsof boundary on biofilm morphogenesis
Cheng Zhang, Bo Li, Jing-Ying Tang, Xi-Qiao Feng

MS-050 Advances in phase-field modeling of microstructural dynamics in advanced materials

Phase field model for stress evolution in an arbitrarily shaped elastoplastic electrode during two-phase lithiation
yuyang lu
Phase field modeling of ferroelectric material with isogeometric analysis
Chang Liu

MS-051 Structural uncertainty analysis

Fuzzy static analysis of engineering structures involving functionally graded materials
Di Wu, Airong Liu, Wei Gao
Analysis of hydraulic massive concrete structures using stochastic finite element method
JING CHENG, Peicong Li, Fanxuan Meng, Jinpeng Wei

MS-053 Damage modeling of engineering structures: from localized cracking to structural collapse

Numerical simulation for compression failure of bimaterial interface by using cohesive zone model
Liya Liu

MS-054 Coupled thermal-mechanical computation for high-temperature materials

Theoretical models on the fracture strengths of ceramic single crystal fibers at different temperatures and test rates
Jiaxing Shao, Weiguo Li, Ruzhuan Wang, Yong Deng, Jianzuo Ma
Theoretical computation on the critical resolved shear stress of metals at different temperatures in pure shear mode
Jianzuo Ma, Weiguo Li, Peiji Geng, Xuyao Zhang, Ying Li, Yong Deng
Modeling of Temperature-dependent Shear Modulus of Bulk Metallic Glasses
Xianhe Zhang, Weiguo Li, Peiji Geng, Ying Li
Theoretical prediction on temperature-dependent non-steady-state first matrix cracking stress for fiber reinforced ceramic composites
Yong Deng, Weiguo Li, Xuyao Zhang

MS-055 Numerical Methods Based Unstructured Meshes and Their Applications in Engineering

A four-noded triangular (Tr4) element for solid mechanics problems with curved boundaries
Junhong Yue, G.R. Liu, R.P. Niu, Ming Li
An edge-based smoothed finite element method (ES-FEM) for electromagnetic field computations
Shaw Li

MS-056 Optimal design of smart structures for vibration control

The multi-objective optimal design of semi-active controllers for vehicle suspensions with Magnetorheological damper
Guiping Liu

MS-059 Advances in Semi-analytical numerical methods

A Numerical Method for the jerk of Structural Dynamic Response
Ji-qing Xu, Yanting Li
Adomian Decomposition Method for First Order Partial Differential Equations
Tzon-Tzer Lu

MS-060 Computational Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures

A finite element method used for contact analysis of rolling bearings
Shuting Li
Modeling microstructure of solid foam using random Kelvin open-cells – Influence of boundary parameters and cell strut cross-section
Guangfa Gao, Pei Li, Yangbo Guo, Victor P.W. Shim
Effect of different electric inclusions on large electrocaloric effect in ferroelectric nanoparticle
Cheng Huang, Yu-Hao Li, Cun-Fa Gao

MS-061 Structural integrity and fracture mechanics

Numerical investigations on the effects of T-stress in creep crack
Yanwei Dai, Yinghua Liu

MS-062 Stochastic Modeling and Uncertainties in Computational Mechanics of Materials

Probabilistic fracture toughness prediction of composite materials
Yan Li, Min Zhou

MS-063 Model and Simulation for Advanced Manufacturing

Optimizing the Geometric Parameters of Cutting Edge for Finishing Machining of 30Cr2Ni4MoV Alloy Steel
Bicheng Guo, Feng Jiang, Tongkai Liao, Fuzeng Wang, Lan Yan

MS-064 Particle Methods and Their Applications in Engineering

Numerical Investigation of Martian Entry Vehicles Aerodynamics for Hypersonic Rarefied Conditions
Fei Huang, Xiao-wen Liu, Xu-hong Jin

MS-065 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics

Numerical prediction and analysis of motion response of high speed planing craft in regular waves
Hongjie Ling
Numerical Simulation of Regular Waves onto a Vertical Circular Cylinder
Zhenghao Liu, Decheng Wan

MS-066 State-of-the-art modeling on discrete element simulation

CFD-DEM Study of the Effect of Cyclone Arrangements on the Gas-solid Flow Dynamics in the Full-loop Circulating Fluidized Bed
Shuai Wang, Kun Luo, Junjie Lin, Chenshu Hu, Jianren Fan
Numerical study of hydrodynamics and heat transfer in a spouted bed
junjie lin

MS-070 Advances in Numerical Methods for Multiple Inclusion Problems

Development of a three-dimensional volume integral equation method
Jungki Lee

MS-073 Computational fatigue and fracture mechanics performance

On the foreign object damage based fatigue mechanism of high-speed railway axles
Y Luo, S.C. Wu, Z.W. Xu, Z.X. Zhang, Z.W. Li
On the defect tolerance based fatigue crack growth life prediction of railway axles
yuxuan Liu, S.C. WU

MS-077 Engineering Inverse Problems: theory and numerical methods

Parameter identification for high-fidelity simulation
cao lixiong
The Identification of the Constitutive Model Parameters of White Matter of Brain Tissue
Qiming Liu

MS-100 Advanced Computations in Engineering Science (by invitation only)

An edge-based smoothed finite element method (ES-FEM) for acoustic problems using four-node quadrilateral elements
Wei Li, Xiangyu You, Yingbin Chai, Ming Lei
Particle modeling at ACES in two decades
Moubin Liu

Publication On e-Proceedings Only

Biot’s Consolidation analysis using the node-based smoothed point interpolation method (NS-PIM)
Shiyang Pan, Tongchun Li, Jing Cheng, Ping Yuan, Xinyang Ning
An Improved Algorithm for Clustering
Tsan-Jung He, Zhao-Yu Wang, Shie-Jue Lee, Shing-Tai Pan
Two-Dimensional Unsteady Flow Calculations of a Five Bladed Vertical Axis Wind Turbine
Nishant Mishra, Praveen Laws, Rajagopal Vinod Bethi, Santanu Mitra
Solving nonlinear singular boundary value problems using a newly constructed scaling function
Yanan Liu
Smoothed finite element methods for solving 3D steady and transient
Ruiping Niu, G.R. Liu, J.H. Yue
Development of the advanced software package based on S-FEM
Ruiping Niu, J.F. Zhang, J.H. Yue, Y. Li

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