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Plenary Lectures

PL: Constrained Variation in Multiscale Modeling and Simulation
Shiyi Chen
PL: The computational mechanics of the Heart
Nicolas Peter Smith
TPL: Biomechanics of Soft Tissues using Moving Particle Simulation
Seiichi Koshizuka
TPL: XFEM Based Analysis and Optimization of Biomedical Materials and Structures for Fracture Criteria
Qing Li
TPL: A Unified Discrete Defect Dynamics Framework for Plasticity and Fracture
Nasr M Ghoniem
TPL: Numerical Simulation on Collapse Behaviors of CTV Building Caused by the 2011 New Zealand Earthquake
Daigoro Isobe
TPL: Modelling damage evolution of fibre metal laminates subjected to projectile impact
Zhongwei Guan
TPL: A robust and efficient CFD model for interfacial multiphase flows on arbitrary unstructured grids
Feng Xiao
TPL: Issues and Challenges for the Visualisation of Computed Vector Fields
Gordon Draisey Mallinson
TPL: Development of multiscale particle discretization within the MPM framework
Zhen Chen
TPL: Dynamic Drape Simulation by Solid-shell Element and Rotation-free Triangle
K.Y. Sze

MS-000 General Papers

Keynote: Stress analysis of functionally graded plate under different gradient direction
Maedeh Amirpour, Raj Das, Erick Saavedra Flores
Keynote: Analyses on the in-plane impact resistance of auxetic double arrowhead
Qiao Jinxiu
Invited: Numerically modelling sustainability using the Mauri Model
Kepa Morgan, Tumanako Ngawhika Fa`aui
Invited: Ball’s motion, sliding friction and internal load distribution in a high-speed ball bearing subjected to a combined radial, thrust, and moment load
Mário César Ricci
An unsteady double diffusive natural convection in an inclined rectangular enclosure with different angle of magnetic field
Sabyasachi Mondal, Precious Sibanda
Magnetohydrodynamic nanofluid flow and heat transfer along a permeable stretching surface with non uniform heat generation/absorption
Mohammad Sharifuddin Ansari, Raj Nandkeolyar, S S Motsa
Accurate Computations of Matrix Multiplication with Level 3 Operation in BLAS
Katsuhisa Ozaki
Mechanical modeling and simulation of collagen fibers and fibrils:microscopic deformation mechanism caused by spiral structure
Ken-ichi Saitoh, Takuya Shirahana, Takayaki Suzuki, Masanori Takuma, Yoshimasa Takahashi, Tomohiro Sato
Adjoint program generated by automatic differentiation of a meteorological simulation program, and its application to gradient computation
Yasuyoshi Horibata
Validation of a Fast Transient Solver based on the Projection Method
Darrin Stephens, Chris Sideroff, Aleksandar Jemcov
Advances in the chevron crack development prediction
František Šebek, Petr Kubík, Jindřich Petruška
Simulation of Cross Roll Straightening of Circular Bars Using Computational Modelling
Tomas Navrat, Jindrich Petruska, Marek Benesovsky
Chord rotation demand for Effective Catenary Action of RC Beams under Gravitational Monotonic Loadings
Meng-Hao Tsai
A semi-analytical method for the one-dimensional Burgers' equation
Qiang Gao, Weian Yao, Mingyu Zou
Numerical simulation of flows around jellyfish in a current
Takeshi Inomoto
Acceleration of an Accurate Summation Algorithm
Takeshi Ogita
Efficient Global Optimization Applied to Multi-Objective Design Optimization of Lift Creating Cylinder Using Plasma Actuators
Masahiro Kanazaki, Takashi Matsuno, Kengo Maeda, Hiromitsu Kawazoe
Determining temporal composition changes of a ternary mixture
Homa Izadi, Erfan Asaadi, Walter Focke
The inadequacy of elastic properties from tensile tests for Lamb wave analysis
Wing Kong Chiu
Post-buckling analysis based on isogeometric analysis
Kai Luo, Cheng Liu, Qiang Tian, Haiyan Hu
Compression behaviour and performance of novel carbon-fiber aluminum-honeycomb sandwich reinforced by aluminum grid
Shanshan Shi, Zhi Sun, Haoran Chen
A sphere relaxation based approach for three-dimensional mesh deformation
xuan zhou
A circular-cylinder piezoelectric energy harvester based on flow-induced flexural vibration mode and its nonlinear characteristics near resonance
Jiemin Xie, Yuantai Hu
Quick modal reanalysis for large modification of structural topology based on multiple condensation model
jianjun he
Multiphase model for thermal activity in a multistory residential home
chamika de costa, Satoru Ushijima
Object Categorization with Soft Marginal Multi Model Knowledge Transfer
Ratnababu Mamidi
Development of Material Search Technology using Kriging model
Norihiko Nonaka, Tomio Iwasaki
A Non-intrusive Polynomial Chaos For Uncertainty Quantification On Numerical Simulation Of Flows Around Cylinder
Yanjin WANG
An optimization study on the aerodynamic design of counter rotating axial fan
Myungsung Lee, Joohan Kim
Construction of a Non-Linear Quasi-Interpolation Based on the Cubic B-Splines
Hyoseon Yang, Jungho Yoon

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

Evidence-theory-based analysis for structural-acoustic field with epistemic uncertainties
Longxiang Xie, Jian Liu, XianFeng Man, YongChang Guo
A better way for managing all of the physical sciences under a single unified theory of analytical integration.
Mike Joseph Mikalajunas
Moving beyond continuum based numerical model for geomechanics
Gaofeng Zhao
Development of Microsystems Analysis (μsys) Software Using Hybrid Finite Elements and Direct Solution of Coupled Equations
Anish Roychowdhury, Kunal D Patil, Arup Nandy, C.S. Jog, Rudra Pratap, G.K. Ananthasuresh
Continuum structural topological optimizations with stress constraints based on stress gradients and a normal density function
Jian Hua Rong
Study on elastic matrix model of the bi-modulus finite element
Zhiming Ye, Huiling Zhao
Solution of computational acoustics and wave propagation problems using a high order, high resolution coupled compact difference scheme
Jitenjaya Pradhan, Yogesh G. Bhumkar, Satish D. Dhandole
The scaled boundary finite element method
Chongmin Song
Evaluation of dynamic stress intensity factors using iXFEM
Longfei Wen, Rong Tian
An Implicit Algorithm for Finite Volume - Finite Element Coupling
Aleksandar Jemcov, Davor Cokljat, Joseph Maruszewski
Lower Bound of Eigenvalue Solution Using the NS-FEM
G.R. Liu, Meng Chen, Ming Li
The influence of the parameter h and a new modified method of Homotopy analysis method for initial value problems

MS-002 Modelling and Simulation on Nanomechanics

Keynote: Chirality-dependent buckling-driven wrinkles in graphene monolayer
XiaoYi Liu, FengChao Wang, HengAn Wu
Keynote: Mechanical instability criterion of dislocation structures from discrete dislocation dynamics
Yabin Yan, Xiaoyuan Wang, Takahiro Shimada, Takayuki Kitamura
Keynote: Microscopic Investigation on Adsorption of Shale Gas in Nanopores
Jie Chen, He Liu, HengAn Wu
Keynote: Finite element modeling of the AFM indentation response of two-dimensional material with a soft substrate
Guoxin Cao
Invited: Effect of surface steps on the ferroelectricity of PbTiO3: A first-principles study
Xiaoyuan Wang, Takahiro Shimada, Takayuki Kitamura
Strengthening metal nanolaminates under shock compression through graphene interface with strong/weak duality
Hengan Wu
Establishing effective criteria to link atomic and macro-scale simulations of dislocation nucleation in FCC metals
Nathaniel J. Burbery, Raj Das, W. George Ferguson
Numerical Simulation of the Dynamic Process for Positive Displacement Motor by Immersed Boundary Method
Qiao Ni
A molecular dynamics study on deformation mechanisms and mechanical properties of {-1 011}<10-12> nanotwinned magnesium
Lei Zhou
Computational Material Chemistry Level Modeling of Materials - Cement Paste
Ram Mohan

MS-003 Smoothed Finite Element Methods

F-bar aided edge-based smoothed finite element method with tetrahedral elements for large deformation analysis of nearly incompressible materials
Yuki Onishi
An improved smoothed XFEM for analysis of axisymmetric problems with interface discontinuity
De tao Wan, De an Hu, G Yang, Jiang C, Xu Han
SFEM-based Variable-node finite elements and their applications
Seyoung Im, Hobeom Kim, Chan Lee, Dongwoo Sohn

MS-004 Advanced Hydrodynamics Analysis for Offshore Platform

Keynote: A study of long slender marine structures under combined parametric and forcing excitations with differential quadratic method
W. Li, Zhang Yang
Keynote: Multi-Resolution MPS Method for 2D Free Surface Flows
Decheng Wan, Zhengyuan Tang
Invited: Numerical Investigation of Influence of Eccentricity on the Hydrodynamics of a Ship Maneuvering into a Lock
Decheng Wan, Qingjie Meng, Wenhua Huang

MS-005 Computational Modeling of Advanced Materials

Keynote: Geometrical basis for symmetry breaking and multi-functionality
Stoyan Smoukov
Keynote: c-axis preferential orientation of hydroxyapatite accounts for the high wear resistance of the black carp(Mylopharyngodon piceus) teeth
Haimin Yao
Invited: Defects Interaction between Twin Boundary and Dislocations emitted from a Crack of Magnesium by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Yoji Shibutani
The self-assembly of self-interstitial-atoms caused by an electron beam
Sachiko T Nakagawa
Impact Analysis of Laminated Plate using VAM
Rama Sateesh Venkata Kandula, Prasad PS, Peereswara Rao MV, Dinesh Kumar Harursampath
Towards wideband mechanical metamaterials: comparing nonlinear oscillator mechanisms
Arnab Banerjee, Emilio P Calius, Raj Das
Multiscale Method for Mechanical Analysis of Pressure-actuated Cellular Structures with Polygonal Microstructures
Jun Lyu, Hongwu Zhang, Xiaowei Gao
Microdynamics modeling for kink deformation and delamination in multilayered solid
Xiao-Wen Lei, Akihiro Nakatani

MS-006 Engineering Analysis and Design under Uncertainty

Vinod K Nagpal

MS-007 Property Characterization of Nanomaterials through Multi-scale Simulations

Keynote: Numerical simulation on piezoresistivity of nanofiller and polymer based nanocomposites
Ning Hu
Investigation on toughening behavior of thermoplastic modified epoxy
Byungjo Kim, Hyunseong Shin, Hyungbum Park, Joonmyung Choi, Seunghwa Yang, Manyoung Lee, Jongkyoo Park, Maenghyo Cho
Pull-out behavior of CNT with cap from CNT-reinforced nanocomposites
Ning Hu, Huiming Ning

MS-009 Computational Acoustics and Elastodynamics in Solids and Structures

Keynote: Instability Induced Patterns of 2D Soft Phononic Materials
Ronghao BAO, Weiqiu Chen, Tongxi Yu
Keynote: Analysis of Wave Dispersion in Multiferroic Laminates via the Reverberation-Ray Matrix Method
Weiqiu Chen
Invited: A piezoelectric nanobimorph energy harvester based on the nonlocal theory
Hongping Hu
Invited: Vibration analysis of multiferroic rectangular plates using higher-order shear deformation theory
Yunying Zhou
Nonlinear free vibration of a bilayer graphene nanoribbon with interface shear effect
Dongying LIU, Weiqiu Chen
Acoustic scattering by multiple spheroids using collocation multipole method
Wei-Ming Lee
Improved Complex Mode Theory and It Truncating Acceleration Technique
Yaping Zhao
Nonlinear Guided Waves in Plates – a New Perspective on Dispersion Characteristics Estimation
Pawel Packo

MS-010 Adaptive Numerical Methods

Keynote: ICA and Adaptive Filtering based Signal Enhancement for Imaging-type Fourior Spectroscopic Measurement based Pulse Oximeter.
Pradeep K.W. Abeygunawardhana
SSRLS based Enhanced Impulsive Noise OFDM Suppressor in AWGN Channel
Alina Mirza
An L-stable Trapezoidal-Like Integrator for the Numerical Solution of One-dimensional Time Dependent Partial Differential Equations
Johnson Oladele Fatokun

MS-011 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Keynote: Development of a library of iterative solvers based on the domain decomposition method
Masao Ogino, Ryuji Shioya
Keynote: Preconditioners in Domain Decomposition Method for Magnetostatic Problems
Hiroshi Kanayama, Masao Ogino, Shin-ichiro Sugimoto
A Unified Finite Volume Approach for Numerical Simulations of Fluid Piezoelectric Structure Coupled Systems
Vinh-Tan Nguyen
Efficient Approach for the Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems and the Comparison between Experiment and Computation
Yasushi Nakabayashi, Shinsuke Nagaoka, Yoshiaki Tamura, Genki Yagawa

MS-012 Discrete Finite Element Method and Its Applications

Keynote: Simulation of pneumatic tire running on sand bed by using the FEM/DEM
Mengyan Zang, Chunlai Zhao, Shunhua Chen
Keynote: A ghost particle-based coupling approach for combined finite-discrete element method
Hu Chen, Y.X. Zhang, Mengyan Zang
Adaptive combined DE/FE algorithm for analyzing impact fracture problem
Wei Xu, Jiro Sakamoto

MS-013 Numerical Methods and Applications in Reacting Flows

Numerical study on the thermal characteristics in a Twin Swirl pulverized coal Combustor
Hao Tang

MS-014 Advances in Weakened Weak (W2) Formulation Based Numerical Methods

Keynote: Development 3D CFD solver based on gradient smoothing method
Jianyao Yao

MS-015 Advanced Computational Methods in Underwater Acoustics

Acoustic resonance scattering of Bessel beam by elastic spheroids in water
Wei Li, Zhixiong Gong, Yingbin Chai
An edge-based smoothed three-node Mindlin plate element(ES-MIN3) for shell analysis
Ying Bin Chai, Wei Li, Zhixiong Gong

MS-017 Inverse Problems, Design and Optimisation under Uncertainties

A conjugate gradient method based on the complex-variable-differentiation method and its application for the identification of boundary conditions
Miao Cui
Back-analysis of initial stress fields in underground powerhouse using deformation data observed in field
Shouju Li

MS-018 Numerical Modeling of Granular and Multiphase Flows

Keynote: Development of the XEL method for granular and multi-phase flows
Mikio Sakai
Keynote: Buoyancy-driven motion of a liquid droplet in another immiscible liquid
Shunji Honma
Invited: A coarse-grained discrete particle method for particle-fluid flows
Wei Ge
Application of an arbitrary-shaped wall boundary model to a DEM simulation in a die filling process
Yuki Tsunazawa
Numerical study on highly viscous slurry under shear flow
Hiroyuki Araki, Masatoshi Sakai, Mikio Sakai
Modeling and validation of liquid bridge force in DEM simulation
Yuki Tsunazawa, Daiki Fujihashi, Chiharu Tokoro, Mikio Sakai

MS-019 Particle Based Methods

Invited: Modelling interaction of incompressible fluids and deformable particles with the Material Point Method
Rachel Marie Gelet, Giang Nguyen, Pierre Rognon
Entropically Damped Artificial Compressibility for SPH
Prabhu Ramachandran, Kunal Puri
Simulation of the Screw Driving Sounding (SDS) test in sandy soil using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamic method in Abaqus
Seyed Yasin Mirjafari Miandeh, Rolando P Orense, Raj Das
Feasibility of particle methods in LS-DYNA for unsaturated soil modelling
E A Flores-Johnson, S Wang, F Maggi, A El Zein, G D Nguyen, L Shen

MS-020 Modeling and Simulation of Cellular Migration: from Molecules to Multiple Cells

Keynote: Polarity control at microgrooved structures in migrating fibroblast
Hiromi Miyoshi
Keynote: Computer simulation of blood cell motion based on viscoelastic deformation
Ken-ichi Tsubota
Invited: Atomistic Molecular Dynamics Simulation of a Complete Model of Bacterial Cytoplasm
Isseki Yu, Takaharu Mori, Jaewoon Jung, Tadashi Ando, Ryuhei Harada, Michael Feig, Yuji Sugita
Physical modeling of membrane-bounded organelle
Masashi Tachikawa
Crawling cell migration controlled by mechanical interaction with substratum
Yoshiaki Iwadate
Capillary network formation by the co-culture of endothelial cells and mesenchymal stem cells in a microfluidic device
Ryo Sudo

MS-021 Parallel and Other High Performance Computing in the Solution of Partial Differential Equations

Parallel Space-Time Methods for Parabolic PDEs
Xiao-Chuan Cai

MS-022 Multi-scale Computational Mechanics for Heterogeneous Materials

Keynote: A computational approach for the modelling of rolling shear cracks in cross-laminated timber structures
Erick I. Saavedra Flores
Invited: Multiscale FEM Analysis of Mass Concrete Structures - Case Study
Wilson Ricardo Leal da Silva, Zdenek Bittnar
Effect of distribution between stress and couple stress on Saint-Venant's decay rates for micropolar elastic solids in pure bending
Tomohide Ishimaru, Akihiro Nakatani

MS-023 Computational Modeling of Human Body Injury

A Framework for Multiscale Modeling of Warfighter Blast Injury Protection
Andrzej Przekwas

MS-024 Advanced Computational Modelling of Fracture and Damage

Keynote: Development of an anatomically-based SPH model for cranial ballistic injury
Eppuje E Kwon, Raj Das, Michael R Singh, Ravin D Vallabh, Justin W Fernandez, Michael C Taylor
Mesoscopic modelling of the shear stud-concrete interface
Daniel John Lowe, Raj Das, Charles Clifton, Namasivayam Navaranjan
Prediction on the onset of global failure of irregular honeycombs under compression
Youming Chen, Raj Das, Mark Battley

MS-025 Orthopaedic Biomechanics and Mechano- Biology

Monte Carlo method for the laser-tissue interaction with application in laser dermatology
Bin Chen
Keynote: Osteoporotic bone fracture healing under the locking compression plate system
Lihai Zhang, Saeed Miramini, Priyan Mendis, Martin Richardson
Keynote: Preliminary work on the potential of extending structural health monitoring concepts for healing assessment
Wingkong Chiu, Wern Hann ONG, Matthias Russ, Zelia Karmen Chiu

MS-026 Cohesive Fracture Modelling of Quasi-Brittle Materials

A rate-dependent constitutive model for PVB in the impact fracture simulation of laminated glass
Shunhua Chen, Mengyan Zang, Chunlai Zhao

MS-027 Computational Methods in Fluid-Structure Interactions

Keynote: A Simple lumped mass-damper idealization for dam-reservoir-foundation system for seismic analysis
D. K. Paul, Arnab Banerjee, R. N. Dubey, Khairul Alam Chowdhury, Amar Pal Singh
Hydroelastic Analysis in Frequency Domain and Time Domain
Frank Lin

MS-028 Computational Modelling of Bio-related systems and Nanomaterials

Keynote: Conformational change of an α-helix segment of bovine serum albumin adsorbed on graphene
Jingjie Yeo, You Ting Han, Yuan Cheng
Invited: Grain Size “Softening” in Nanocrystalline Materials Using a Discrete Dislocation Dynamics Approach
Siu Sin Quek, Zheng Hoe Chooi, Zhaoxuan Wu, Yong Wei Zhang, David Srolovitz

MS-029 A Probabilistic Approach in the Numerical Simulation of Deformation and Fracture of Solids

Keynote: New model and method simulating effective protection of space vehicles from high-velocity debris
Alexander V. Gerasimov, Yury F. Khristenko
Multiscale computer simulation dynamic fracture of ultrahigh temperature ceramics at room and elevated temperatures
Vladimir Albertovich Skripnyak
Simulation mechanical behavior ultra high temperature ceramic composites under intensive dynamic loading
Vladimir Albertovich Skripnyak

MS-030 Confidence and Uncertainty Quantification in Computational Mechanics

Keynote: Stochastic analysis of a radial-inflow turbine in the presence of parametric uncertainties
A. Zou, E. Sauret, J.-C. Chassaing, S.C. Saha, Y.T. Gu
Fluid Models and Parameter Sensitivities: Computations, and Applications
Fran Pahlevani, Monika Neda, Jiajia Waters, Lisa Davis

MS-031 Advanced Computational Modelling & Simulations In Safety

Keynote: Local blast wave effects in interaction with structural elements
Jerzy Malachowski
Keynote: Sapper: Online Platform for Prediction the Blast Loading on Structures
Piotr Sielicki
Development of Light-Weight Fast Installation Protective Blastscreens
Tomasz Łodygowski
Constitutive Modelling of the Dynamic Behaviour of the Building Steels for Design of Protective Structures
Leopold Kruszka, Wojciech Mocko, Jacek Janiszewski
Selection of nanostructured material parameters of the bainitic steel for the numerical model of the passive armour
Adam Wisniewski, Karol Jach, Pawel Zochowski

MS-032 Topology Optimization of Structures and Materials

Topology optimization of anisotropic constrained damping structures
Long Zhao, Qiong Deng, Shuangyan Liu, Mengjia Su, Yihang Xu

MS-038 Structural Health Monitoring and Identification of Structures

Keynote: Imaging and characterizing damages in metallic plates using Lamb waves
Ching-Tai Ng
Invited: Development of an automated monitoring system for steel bridges
Sherif Beskhyroun
Mode decomposition method for non-classically damped structures using acceleration responses
J.-S Hwang, S.-H. Shin, Hongjin Kim

MS-039 Multiscale anf Multiphisics Modelling for Complex Materials

Keynote: Coarse-graining approaches for complex materials as multifield continua with applications to particle composites
Patrizia Trovalusci
Quantitative, elastoplastic phase-field model for microstructural evolution in solids under stress and temperature gradients
San-Qiang Shi

MS-040 Computational Methods in Welding and Joining

Keynote: Residual Stress Effects and Mechanical Property of Dissimilar 2024-T3 and 7075-T6 FSW Joints
Yu E Ma, Jiang Li
Keynote: Numerical studies on grain growth in friction stir welding
Zhao Zhang
Invited: Study of the characteristic of droplet transfer in laser-MIG hybrid welding based on the phase matching control of laser pulse and arc waveform
gang song
Computational methods for Prediction of tool fatigue life in friction stir welding
Qi Wu
Decentralized Vibration Control Algorithms for Large Truss Structure
Zhiqin Cai
Numerical Simulation of Infrared Staking Plastic for an Automotive Part
Hong Seok Park, Trung-Thanh Nguyen
Fatigue analysis of used welded impeller for determination of critical threshold before remanufacture
Ying Feng
Optimization of transient temperature field distribution of biological cells under laser irradiation
xiaona wang, shide song, yi huang, lei liu, xi xu
Atomistic interaction between grain boundaries and radiation-induced point defects in hcp titanium
Man Yao
Estimation for heat transfer coefficient of secondary cooling process during slab continuous casting
Xudong wang

MS-042 Recent Advances In Meshfree and Particle Methods

Keynote: DPD simulation of the movement and deformation of single cells
Moubin Liu
Keynote: A Kansa-RBF method for elliptic boundary value problems in annular domains
C.S. Chen
Keynote: Numerical Investigation of Oil Spill from a Tanker by Multiphase MPS Method
Guangtao Duan, Bin Chen
Keynote: A Symmetric Moving Particle Semi-implicit Method for the simulation of free surface flows
Hao Xiang, Bin Chen
Consolidation analysis of saturated soils using edge-based smoothed point interpolation method
Arman Khoshghalb, Omid Ghaffaripour, Arash Tootoonchi
An effective improved algorithm for Finite Particle Method
Yang Yang, Fei Xu, Xiao ting Li, Lu Wang
A multi-level meshless method based on an implicit use of the method of fundamental solutions
Csaba Gaspar
An Improved Pressure Projection Method for Meshfree Modelling of Ideally Incompressible Hyperelasticity
Chun Meng Goh, Martyn P. Nash, Poul M.F. Nielsen
Distributed Parallel Large-Scale MPS-FE Fluid-Structure Interaction Coupled Analysis for Tsunami Analysis on Urban Area
Kohei Murotani, Seiichi Koshizuka

MS-043 Computational Modelling in Material Processing

Keynote: Finite element modelling of deformation behavior in incremental sheet forming of aluminum alloy
Cho-Pei Jiang
Finite element analysis of different chipbreaker types for turning tool process
Dyi-Cheng Chen, Ci-Syong You
Finite Element Analysis of Hot Aluminum Extrusion of Asymmetric Parts
Yeong-Maw Hwang

MS-045 Advances in Computational Geomechanics

Keynote: The benefits of heuristic computational models in geomechanics
Itai Einav
Keynote: Spatial scaling issues in constitutive modelling of geomaterials
Chi T Nguyen, Giang D Nguyen, Ha H Bui, Vinh Phu Nguyen
REDBACK: an Open-Source Highly Scalable Simulation Tool for Rock Mechanics with Dissipative Feedbacks
Thomas Poulet, Martin Lesueur, Martin Paesold, Manolis Veveakis
New framework for predicting compacted soil behaviour
Jayantha Kodikara
Modelling of rock materials subjected to dynamic loading using a particle-based numerical manifold method
Jian Zhao

MS-046 Multiscale Modelling of Advanced Engineering Materials

Keynote: Multiscale modeling of multiple-cracking fracture behaviour of engineered cementitious composites
Ting Huang, Y.X. Zhang, Chunhui Yang
Keynote: Micromechanics-based multiscale modelling of porous materials with two-scale pressured voids
Lianhua Ma, Chunhui Yang
Multiscale Analysis of Piezoceramic-Battery Hybrid Composites
Ganesh S, P S Prasad, Dineshkumar Harursampath
Mechanics on hierarchical chirality transfer in biological materials and nanomaterials
Jianshan Wang
A multiple-mechanism-based model for prediction of yield strength in crystals
Ganyun Huang
Bifurcation of a spherical balloon under air inflation and electric activation
Yu-Xin Xie
Hot compressive deformation behavior and flow stress prediction of TC4 titanium alloy
Han Fei, Chen RongQuan, Yang ChunHui, Li XianMin
Dynamic recrystallization simulation of Ti-6Al-4V alloy during hot compressive deformation by cellular automata method
Han Fei, Chen Rongquan, Wang Yongqiang, Gao Qi

MS-047 Fatigue Cracking Modeling and Numerical Simulation

Investigation on the influence of Localized Unbonded-areas on the Crack Growth Characteristic of Diffusion Bonded Titanium Alloy Laminates
Yang Liu, Yongcun Zhang, Shutian Liu, Shan Xiao, Yanpeng Sun, Xiangming Wang

MS-048 Advanced Numerical Methods in Explosion and Shock Waves

Keynote: Simulation of shock-induced chemical reactions in reactive powder mixtures using SPH
Sumit Basu
Development of a Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Supersonic Flow Simulations on Hybrid Mesh
SU Peng-hui, ZHANG Liang
Three Dimensional High Order Parallel Investigations on Underwater Explosion
Cheng Wang, Jianxu Ding
High Resolution Numerical Simulation for corner-turning in LX-17
Cheng Wang, xinqiao liu

MS-049 Nanomechanics and Nanoscale Modelling

Wave properties – based homogenization for graphene via nonlocal finite difference method applied to recover physical dispersion
Adam Martowicz, Wieslaw J. Staszewski, Massimo Ruzzene, Tadeusz Uhl

MS-050 Algorithms for Structural Control and Health Monitoring

Keynote: Transient Wave Propagation in a Damaged Functionally Graded Material Ring: Spectral Element Modeling and Analysis
Chao Xu, Teng Wang
A Novel Fast Model Predictive Control for Large-Scale Structures
Haijun Peng
Dynamic Analysis on Coupled Vibration of Strapdown INS Damping System
HUANG De-dong

MS-051 Computations and Modelling of Multiphase Flows

Keynote: Oblique shock to detonation transition in hydrogen-air mixtures
Honghui Teng
Keynote: Density-scaled balanced continuum surface force model with a level set based curvature interpolation technique
Kensuke Yokoi
Keynote: Simulations of the Interaction of Compressible Droplet Impaction on Walls based on the Two-Fluid Model
Yang-Yao Niu
A mixed interface capturing/tracking scheme for sharp interface simulation of flow instability problem
Ching-Sen Wu
Free Surface Flow Simulation Using Moving-Grid Finite-Volume Method
Sadanori Ishihara, Kenichi Matsuno, Masashi Yamakawa, Takeshi Inomoto, Shinichi Asao
Numerical Investigation of Aerosol Particle Transport and Deposition in Realistic Lung Airway
Mohammad Saidul Islam, Suvash C. Saha, Emilie Sauret, YuanTong Gu, Zoran D. Ristovski
An Investigation of Nano-Particle Deposition in Cylindrical Tubes Under Laminar Condition Using Lagrangian Transport Model
Meisam Babaie, pouyan Talebizadeh, Kiao Inthavong, Goodarz Ahmadi, Zoran Ristovski, Hassan Rahimzadeh, Richard Brown

MS-052 Computational Modelling of Hemodynamics

Keynote: Understanding Cerebrovascular Disease through Computational Simulations
Chang-Joon Lee

MS-053 Advances and Applications of the Scaled Boundary Finite Element Method

Keynote: Static and free vibration analysis of laminated composite plates by the scaled boundary finite-element method
Tingsong XIANG, Chongmin Song, Sundararajan Natarajan, Hou Man, Wei GAO
Keynote: From CAD and digital imaging to fully automatic and adaptive stress analysis
Chongmin Song, Hossein Talebi
Invited: Meso-scale fracture modelling of concrete using a finite element-scaled boundary finite coupled method
Yujie Huang, Zhenjun Yang, Guohua Liu
Numerical modelling of wave propagation
Dinusha Wijesekara, Carolin Birk
A high-order doubly asymptotic transmitting boundary for vector wave propagation
Denghong CHEN
Stress Analysis of Complex Geometries by Implicit Surfaces and the Scaled Boundary Polyhedral Finite Elements
Hossein Talebi, Chongmin Song
Evaluation of the Singular Stress Field of the Crack Tip of the Infinite Elastic Plate
Junyu Liu, Gao LIN, Ping Zhang, Yuyang Wang
A scaled boundary finite element formulation with quadtree mesh for elasto-plastic analysis
Ke He, Ean Tat Ooi, Chongmin Song
Scaled Boundary Finite Element Analysis of three-dimensional crack configurations in laminate structures
Wilfried Becker, Sascha Hell

MS-054 Topology Optimization in Electromagnetic or Acoustic Fields

Keynote: Structural design in electromagnetic fields through topology optimization schemes on metamaterials
Jeonghoon Yoo, Heeseung Lim, Hyundo Shin
Invited: Topology optimization of Permanent Magnet and Coils in Electromagnetic Vibration Energy Harvesters
Jaewook Lee
Structural topological optimization of a 3-D nano-aperture based on the phase field method
CheolWoong Kim, HongKyoung Seong, Heeseung Lim, Jeonghoon Yoo
A study of frequency dependence in level set-based topology optimization for the design of wave motion converter in an acoustic-elastic coupled system
Yuki Noguchi, Takayuki Yamada, Masaki Otomori, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki
Topology optimization of wire in gas tungsten arc welding
Yiseul Kim, Jaewook Lee, Xiao Long Liu, Bo Young Lee, Yunlong Chang
Level set-based topology optimization of heat control devices
So Okamoto, Takayuki Yamada, Kazuhiro Izui, Shinji Nishiwaki

MS-055 Computational Unsaturated Soil Mechanics

Keynote: The grain-scale mechanisms for landslide instability in unsaturated soils
Yixiang Gan

MS-056 Engineering Inverse Problems

Online Parameter Estimation of the Lankarani-Nikravesh Contact Force Model Using Two Different Methods
Jia Ma, Linfang Qian, Guangsong Chen

MS-057 Structural Uncertainty Modeling & Reliability Analysis

Keynote: Non-random vibration analysis based on non-stochastic process model
Chao Jiang, Bingyu Ni
Keynote: Assessment of structural performance of concrete-filled steel tubular arch with interval viscoelastic effects
Di Wu, Wei Gao
Invited: Reliability modeling of mechanical and electrical products based on reliable operating space envelope
Invited: Interval optimization for the structural-acoustic system with interval parameters in the mid-frequency range
Hui Yin, Baizhan Xia, Dejie Yu, Shengwen Yin
Invited: A fuzzy analysis for the plane bimodular problem
Haitian Yang
Invited: A Meta-model-based Importance Sampling for Reliability-based Design Optimization
Guangsong Chen, Linfang Qian, Wenyu Zhai
Research on reliability modeling technology for FMS based on task
Yan Ran, Genbao Zhang, Lin She
Global sensitivity analysis for structural models by sparse grid integration
Changcong Zhou
Construction of convex models for non-probabilistic correlation quantification and uncertainty analysis
Bingyu Ni, Chao Jiang
Stochastic prediction and update for macroscopic property of heterogeneous material considering microstructural uncertainties
pin wen
A reliability optimization allocation method considering differentiation of functions
YI Xiaojian, LAI Yuehua, DONG Haiping, HOU Peng
Parametric reliability sensitivity analysis using failure probability ratio function
Pengfei Wei

MS-058 Soft Tissue Mechanics: Multi-Scale Modelling, Measurement, and Parameter Identification

Keynote: Optimal design of experiments for in-vivo identification of breast tissue mechanical properties
Thiranja Prasad Babarenda Gamage, Habib Baluwala, Duane Malcolm, Christopher Patrick Bradley, Martyn Peter Nash, Poul Michael Nielsen

MS-059 Numerical Modelling of Composite Structures Subjected to Extreme Loading Conditions

Viscoelastic Response of Composite Laminated Shells Based on Efficient Higher-Order Theory
SyNgoc Nguyen, Jaehun Lee, Maenghyo Cho
Damage prediction of carbon-epoxy composites under shear and three point bending loads using the finite element method
Kariappa Maletira Karumbaiah, Raj Das, Stephen Campbell
The Failure mechanism of composite sandwich structure with stringer reinforcement
Ruixiang Bai
Numerical modeling of nonlinear transversal behavior of a para-aramid yarn
Tuan-long Chu, Cuong Ha-Minh, Abdellatif Imad

MS-061 Concrete Structure Damage Due to Explosion

Keynote: Numerical simulation of breakup of concrete magazine due to accidental internal explosion and determination of its debris hazard zone
Sau Cheong Fan
Invited: Parametric study of FRP-strengthened reinforced concrete panels under blast loads
X Lin, Y.X. Zhang

MS-062 Modeling and Simulation of High-Speed Multimaterial Flows

An Effective Three Dimensional MMALE Method for Compressible Fluid Dynamics
Shudao Zhang

MS-064 Effective Visualisation for Science through Big Data and Visual Analytics

Cognition of Parameters' Role on Vertical Control Device for Aerodynamic Characteristics of Aircraft Using Data Mining
Kazuhisa Chiba, Taiga Omori, Yasuto Sunada, Taro Imamura

MS-065 Stochastic Modelling and Probabilistic Engineering

A computational approach for determination of system length distribution of a batch arrival and batch service queue
U C Gupta, S Pradhan

MS-067 Hydraulic Fracturing: Mathematical Modeling, Numerical Simulation, and Engineering Aspects

Initiation and propagation of wormhole in unconsolidated rock matrix induced by long-term water injection
YongKuan Shen, He Liu, HengAn Wu

MS-068 Medical Rapidprototyping and Tissue Engineering

Keynote: Innovative development of the RP assisted customized surgical guides in various surgeries
Sandeep W Dahake, Abhaykumar M Kuthe, Mahesh B Mawale, Ashutosh D Bagde

MS-069 New Horizons in FEM Analysis for Mechatronics in the Medical Applications

Invited: Test of the GEM Front Tracker for the SBS Spectrometer at JLab
Francesco Mammoliti
Invited: Structural Mechanics Optimization of the AISHa Ion Source
Francesco Noto, Luigi Celona, Ornella Leonardi, Giuseppe Torrisi, Dario Nicolosi

MS-070 CFD of Turbulence for Applied, Industrial, or Environmental Flows

A comparison of two computational methods (RANS and LES) in analysing of ventilation flow through a room fitted with a two-sided windcatcher for free flow condition
Amirreza Niktash, B. Phuoc Huynh
A Numerical Study on the Fluid Flow inside a Cage-Guided Globe Valve to Evaluate the Operability of Air-Operated Valve
Sang Hyuk Lee, Wonsam Cho, Dae-Hwan Kim, Taehyun Lee, Jaehyung Kim, Yong Jin Kim
Aerodynamic Analysis of the Airfoil of a Vawt by Using 2D CFD Modelling
Luis Fernando Garcia, Julian Ernesto Jaramillo, Jorge Luis Chacón

MS-072 Fluid-Structure Interactions in Aerospace Engineering

Fluid-Structure Interaction Study of a Flexible Flapping Wing using a Navier-Stokes Solver
Salil Harris, Sunetra Sarkar
Comparison of LQR, LQG and H-infinity Methods to Design Controllers for a Satellite considering Fluid-Structure Interaction
Luiz Carlos Gadelha Souza

MS-073 Numerical Methods and Applications in Geoscience and Geotechnics

Keynote: Reliability analysis of soil slope stability based on the probability density evolution method
Yu Huang, Min Xiong
Keynote: Numerical study on the liquefaction resistance improvement effect by self-weight consolidation of a reservoir dam
Xuanwang Wang, Bin Ye, Chao Liu, Yu Huang
Keynote: Numerical simulation of catastrophic debris flows
Yu Huang
Invited: Seismic earth pressure on a multi-story underground structure
Zhiyi Chen, Wei Chen, Hui Fan
Invited: A soil dynamics based liquefaction potential assessment framework for urban sites
Jian Chen, Tomohide Takeyama, Hideyuki O-tani, Kohei Fujita, Muneo Hori
Development of a fully coupled flow-geomechanics simulator for flow in saturated porous media
Chao Zhang, Sadiq J. Zarrouk, Rosalind Archer
Direct three-dimensional meshless magnetotelluric modeling
Jan Wittke, Bülent Tezkan

MS-074 Design and Control of Flexible Smart Structures

Keynote: Amplitude dependent band gap characteristic of elastic wave propagating in pre-compressed periodic bistable elastic mechanical chain
Yu Huang, Shutian Liu, Jian Zhao
Analysis of Shape-memory alloy wire embedded laminated composite to imitate turtle’s lag
Hyeok Lee, Jong-Gu Lee, Junghyun Ryu, Sung-Hyuk Song, Sung-Hoon Ahn, Myeonghyo Cho

MS-075 Advances in the Boundary Element Method and Its Applications

Keynote: Study of Acoustic Metamaterials Using the Fast Multipole Boundary Element Method
Yijun Liu, Anli Wang, Bangjian He
Keynote: An Automatic Topology Recovery Method Based on T-Spline Surfaces Reconstruction in BFM
Chenjun Lu, Jianming Zhang
Invited: Frequency Domain Elastodynamic Solutions Using Iterative Coupling of FEM and BEM
Jose Claudio de Faria Telles, Delfim Soares Jr
Invited: A new automatic quadrangle mesh generation method for Boundary Face Method
wang pan, zhang jianming
Invited: Isoparametric tube, disk and ring boundary elements and their application in BEM analysis of slender structures
Xiao-Wei Gao, Zhi-Chao Yuan, Wen-Hao Zeng
Invited: Simulation of the acoustic filed of a structure vibrating in a subsonic uniform flow using the fast BEM
Qiang Zhou, Chuan-Zhen Li, Zai-You Yan
All-Hexahedral Mesh Generation Based on Virtual Decomposition for Boundary Face Method
han lei, zhang jian ming
Fast computational algorithm for actively cooling TPS based on sub-structure BEM
Jian Liu, Xiao-Wei Gao
In-plane free vibration of circular FG disks
Yang Yang, Kun Pang Kou, Chi Chiu Lam, Vai Pan Iu
New approach for computing hyper-singular interface stresses in IIBEM for solving multi-medium elasticity problems
Kai Yang
Fast multipole boundary element method for elastic wave scattering in 2-D anisotropic solids
Takahiro SAITOH, Sohichi HIROSE, Akira FURUKAWA

MS-076 High Performance Computing and Simulation of Multiphase Flows

Novel multimedia architecture design pattern using Audio joiner prototype with delay remover
Ganeshchandra Narharrao Shinde, Sachin Manoharrao Narangale

MS-077 Advances in Computational Modelling and Optimization for Impact and Blast Problems

Keynote: Crashworthiness simulation of multi-cell tubes under oblique impact loads
Jianguang Fang
Keynote: Time-dependent reliability analysis with random and evidence variables
Dequan ZHANG, Xu Han, Chao Jiang, Qing Li
Bird strike on an engine primary compressor at high rotational speed: Numerical simulations and parametric study
Jia Huang, Yulong Li, Jun Liu, Zhixue Zhang, Zhongbin Tang

MS-078 Advances in High-performance Finite Element Methods

Keynote: HDF method: a novel and efficient finite element scheme for analysis of Mindlin-Reissner plate
Song Cen, Yan Shang
Invited: Quasi-conforming formulation method based on couple stress theory
Changsheng Wang, Xiangkui Zhang, Ping Hu
Report on a novel concave-admissible quadrilateral 8 node plane element
Yang Xia, Qingyuan Hu, Ping Hu, Chongjun Li
Study on the triangular shell elements for anisotropy material
XiangRong Fu, Pu Chen, ShuLi Sun, MingWu Yuan
Application of the quadrilateral area coordinates: A 4-node quadrilateral membrane element beyond MacNeal’s theorem
Pei-Lei Zhou, Song Cen
A displacement-based element model for solving the edge effect problem of Mindlin-Reissner plate
Yan Shang, Song Cen

MS-079 Biomedical Image Processing and Analysis

Generation of three-dimensional models suitable for computational mechanical analysis, based on a population of endothelial cells
Yi Chung Lim, Michael Cooling, Sue McGlashan, David Long

MS-080 Current Trends in Modelling and Simulation of Turbulent Flows

Keynote: Wall-bounded flow separation computed by a second-moment closure model
Suad Jakirlic
Linear global stability computations of magnetohydrodynamic duct flows
Hu Jun

MS-081 Advanced Modeling and Simulation of Dynamic Systems

Keynote: Cluster particle dynamics (CPD) for multiscale computation
Xu Xu
Keynote: Mass-redistributed method in the evaluation of eigenfrequency of solid systems
Quan Bing Eric Li
Invited: Improved edge-based smoothed finite element method (IES-FEM) for Mid-frequency acoustic analysis
Zhicheng He
Hall Current Effects on Unsteady MHD Flow Through a Composite Medium in a Rotating Parallel Plate Channel
Jagdish Prakash, M Veera Krishna
The Three-Dimensional Finite-Volume Non-hydrostatic Icosahedral Model (NIM)
Jin Lee
Thermal Vibration of a Rectangular Single-layered Graphene Sheet
Lifeng Wang, Rumeng Liu

MS-082 Statistical Inverse Problems

Keynote: Statistical Inversion in Electrical Impedance and Diffuse Optical Tomography
Taufiquar Khan
A probabilistic approach to inverse material parameter identification
Erfan Asaadi, Philippus Stephan Heyns

MS-083 Analysis, Modelling and Simulation of Soft Active Materials

Keynote: Inspiring Design of Soft Active Systems by Theory
Soo Jin Adrian Koh
Invited: Numerical techniques for modeling nonlinear oscillation of dissipative dielectric elastomers
Jinxiong Zhou
Invited: Modelling viscoelastic dielectric elastomers
Keith Foo, Zhi-qian Zhang
Invited: Bulging instability of a pressurized tube made of dielectric elasomter under electromechanical loading
Tongqing Lu
Invited: Mechanical modeling and simulation of soft machines
Tiefeng Li

MS-084 Computational Biomechanics of Musculoskeletal Tissues

Keynote: Bulk and surface balance of osteocytes during bone tissue formation and remodelling: Continuous and stochastic models
Pascal Buenzli
Statistical Analysis of Shape and Stress in the Lower Lumbar using Principal Component Analysis and Partial Least Squares
Shasha Yeung, Amanjeet Sing Toor, Gerard Deib, Ju Zhang, Thor Besier, Justin Fernandez
A statistical model to predict bone cell diffusion patterns in scaffolds
Wilson Fok, S.T.C. Lin, David Musson, Jillian Cornish, J.W. Fernandez
Development of a simplified computational model to study cranial backspatter using SPH
Eppuje E Kwon, Akshat Malhotra, Raj Das, Justin W Fernandez, Michael C Taylor
Prediction of Human Elbow Joint Torque Based on Improved BP Neural Network
Gao Yongsheng, Sun xiaoying
Computational modeling of the behaviour of the ceramic head for total hip joint endoprosthesis
Vladimir Fuis, Premysl Janicek

MS-085 Materials Constitutive Modelling: from Nano-scale to Continuum

Keynote: Modelling the quasi-static and high-strain rate deformation behaviour of magnesium alloy AZ31
Gwenaelle Proust, Ling Li, Emmanuel A Flores Johnson, Luming Shen, Ondrej Muransky
Numerical simulations of induced wrinkling by patterned defects in metal thin
Mingchao Liu, Yixiang Gan
Nonlinear Electro-mechanical Responses of Ferroelectric Ceramics and Active Composites
Anastasia Muliana
A computational analysis of ballistic resistance of bio-inspired multilayered panels with functionally graded foam cores
Ruoyu Wang, Emmanuel A. Flores-Johnson, Gwénaëlle Proust, Luming Shen
Numerical study of impact and blast performance of nacre-like aluminium composites
Emmanuel A. Flores-Johnson, Luming Shen, Irene Guiamatsia, Giang D. Nguyen

Publication at Proceedings Only

Higher-order two-point efficient family of Halley type methods for simple roots
Ramandeep Behl, S. S. Motsa
Peridynamic model of a cracked orthotropic plate for damage detection based on vibro-acoustic wave interaction
Wieslaw J. Staszewski, Adam Martowicz, Massimo Ruzzene, Tadeusz Uhl
Cementless total hip arthroplasty with and without screw fixation: a randomized study of 78 hips
zhiqi zhu
A Highly sensitive mass sensor using high-mode resonant cantilever with step change in thickness
Renjing Gao, Mingli Li, Jian Zhao
Numerical Study of Interaction Between Waves and Floating-Body by MPS Method
Decheng Wan, Youlin Zhang
Application of Least Squares Stress Stabilization Method on Nodal Integration of RPIM with Tetrahedral Background Cells
M.M. Yavuz, Bahattin Kanber
On the solution of sine-Gordon solitons via localized kernel-based method
Marjan Uddin
The Clenshaw-Curtis quadrature in isogeometric analysis
Xiaofei Shi, Ping Xi, Yuwang Song, Xueming Cai
Numerical and Experimental Analyses on Aerodynamic Characteristic and Aeroacoustic Noise of Propeller for UAV
Joohan Kim, Myungsung Lee

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