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Plenary Lecture & Thematic Plenary Lecture

Study interactions between inhaled nanoparticles and pulmonary surfactant using molecular dynamics simulations
Guoqing Hu, Xuan Bai, Qinglin Hu
In Vivo Magnetic Resonance Image-Based 3D Computational Models to Quantify Right Ventricle Morphological and Mechanical Characteristics for Healthy and Patients with Tetralogy of Fallot
Heng Zuo, Dalin Tang, Chun Yang, Zheyang Wu, Xueying Huang, Rahul H. Rathod, Alexander Tang, Kristen L. Billiar, Tal Geva
A complex variable interpolating meshless method for two-dimensional transient heat conduction problem
Xiaoqiao He
Simulating dynamic disaster evolution of soil flowslide triggered by earthquakes
Yu Huang

MS-000 General Papers

A finite element model of crimped fibril reinforced composite to predict the mechanical response subjected to tensile load
Li Liu, Dean Hu, Xu Han
The Cardinal spline methods for the numerical solution of nonlinear integral equations
Xiaoyan Liu, Jiahuan Huang
An Optimal Control Obtained by Finite Dimensional Approximation for a Flexible Robot Arm
Xuezhang Hou

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

Nystrom extrapolation algorithm for solving delay Volterra integral equations with weakly singular kernel
li zhang, Jin Huang, Yubin Pan, Hongyan Liu

MS-004 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

A Characteristic based ES-FEM with Polynomial Pressure Projection for Incompressible flows
Chen Jiang, Xu Han, G.R. Liu
Static and free vibration of laminated composite plates using higher order cell-based smoothed finite element method with Q8 elements
Dean Hu

MS-005 Numerical methods blending mesh-based and mesh-free technique

A complex variable interpolating meshless method for two-dimensional transient heat conduction problem
Ya Jie Deng, Xiao Qiao He

MS-006 Modelling and Characterisation of Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials

The shear mechanical properties of graphene/copper nanolayered composites
Tensile Mechanical Properties and Its Failure Modes of the Basalt Fiber/Epoxy Resin Composite Material
jingjing he, junping shi, xiaoshan cao, tielin han
AGR Gas Baffle Fragment and Fuelling Guide Tube Impact Analysis
Antony Hurst

MS-008 Algorithms, Software and Applications of Large-Scale Computation

Large CAD assembly design analysis using Sefea (Strain-Enriched FEA) and MLS (Moving Least Squares) formulation
Yu Hou
Building Language Models with Fuzzy Weights
Tsan-Jung He, Shie-Jue Lee, Chih-Hung Wu

MS-009 Particle Based Methods

Consistent inlet and outlet conditions for ALE particle method
Fangyuan Hu
A smoothed MPM algorithm for elastodynamics
Lisha He, Zhen Chen, Yong Gan

MS-012 Computational Modeling for Cardiovascular Disease and Biological Applications

Carotid Atherosclerotic Plaque Vulnerability Assessment Using 3D Thin-Layer Model with In Vivo Patient-Specific Vessel Material Properties
Qingyu Wang, Gador Canton, Thomas S. Hatsukami, Kristen L Billiar, Chun Yuan, Zheyang Wu, Dalin Tang
Reproducibility of optical coherence tomography imaging based measurements of the fibrous cap thickness in lipid-enrich atheroma
Chunliu He, Zhiyong Li, Jiaqiu Wang, Yuxiang Huang, Yuehong Miao, Tongjing Zhu
Machine learning based image segmentation of intravascular optical coherence tomography images
YuXiang Huang
Geometric calibration based on a simple phantom for multi-lens microscopic CT
Luo Shouhua, Xu Haitao, Zheng Liang, Zhang Xiaobing, Shen Tao

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Time-domain isogeometric boundary element method based on the convolution quadrature method for scalar wave propagation
Tsukasa Ito, Takahiro Saitoh, Tinh Quoc Bui, Sohichi Hirose
Numerical simulation of galvanic corrosion by boundary node method
Sanshan Tu, Hong qi Yang, Liang Zhou, Yi Huang
A new fast direct solver for the BEM
Yijun Liu, Shuo Huang

MS-014 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems

Genetic Algorithms In Electoral Districting
Maw-kae Hor

MS-016 Multiscale modelling of damage and fracture in quasi-brittle materials

A discrete-continuum coupled finite element model to simulate all failure modes in fibre reinforced concrete
hui zhang, Yujie Huang, Zhenjun Yang, Shilang Xu
Three-dimensional meso-scale cohesive fracture modeling of concrete using a Python script in ABAQUS
Yujie Huang, Yang Zhenjun, Liu Guahua
A Model of Fracture Propagation Considering Fluid Pressure in Cracks Using SBFEM
feng yao, zhenjun yang, Yunjin Hu

MS-023 Numerical modelling of fibre reinforced composites under impact and blast

Numerical modeling of a hybrid GFRP-concrete beam subjected to low-velocity impact loading
Zongjun Li, Amar Khennane, Paul Jonathan Hazell, Alex Remennikov
Effect of hole dimension on the impact load path distribution of composite multi-bolt joint
Dean Hu

MS-024 Advanced Computational Methods for Soft Matters

Buckling of interfacial layers in periodic cellular composite structures
YuHao He, Rong Huang, Zishun Liu

MS-028 Advanced Computational Methods for The Mechanical Modeling of Materials and Structures

Explicit Isogeometric Topology Optimization Using Moving Morphable Components (MMC)
Wenbin Hou, Yundong Gai, Xuefeng Zhu, Ping Hu, Xuan Wang

MS-029 Computational Methods in Engineering

Quick and highly precision modal analysis method for all types of structural modifications
jianjun he

MS-032 Recent Advances in Meshfree and Particle Methods

The nonlinear analysis by using the sub-domain meshless method
Yong-Ming Guo, Tatuya Hamada, Genki Yagawa, Shunpei Kamitani

MS-033 Modelling and Simulation of Multifunctional Composite Materials

Application of the improved equivalent static loads optimization theory on the crash condition of vehicle components
QQ Li, Z. C. He, Tao Tao Chen, A. G. Cheng
Temperature influences on the performance of a dielectric elastomer generator with consideration of dissipation processes and failures
Shoue Chen, Zhicheng He, Eric Li
Volumetric locking issue with uncertainty in the design of locally resonant acoustic metamaterials
Zhicheng He

MS-035 Computational ship mechanics: theory, numerical methods and engineering applications

Smoothed point interpolation method (S-PIM): A brief history and recent developments
Guiyong Zhang, Da Hui, Shuangqiang Wang, Huan Lu, Gui-Rong Liu
Numerical method for underwater explosion loads and the associated structure damage
Rui Han, Yunlong Liu, Aman Zhang
Numerical simulation of shipboard-iceberg collision
zhigang huang, guiyong zhang
Comparation with different interface capturing schemes based on gradient smoothing method using unstructured meshes
Da Hui, Guiyong Zhang, Zhi Zong

MS-037 Nanoscale thermal transport and nanomechanics

Invited: Thermal Transport in Graphene with Defect and Doping: Phonon Modes Analysis
Shiqian Hu, Jie Chen, Nuo Yang, Baowen Li

MS-041 Computational Methods in Acoustics and Elastodynamics

2-D inverse scattering analysis for a defect in authentic stainless steels

MS-048 Numerical Analysis in Earthquake Engineering Geology

2-D Numerical Simulation of Grounded Electrical-source Airborne Transient Electromagnetic Exploration based on Meshfree Method
Tingzhe Huang

MS-055 Numerical Methods Based Unstructured Meshes and Their Applications in Engineering

Analysis of complex structural-acoustic systems using a coupled smoothed finite element formulation
Xin Hu

MS-060 Computational Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures

Effect of different electric inclusions on large electrocaloric effect in ferroelectric nanoparticle
Cheng Huang, Yu-Hao Li, Cun-Fa Gao

MS-064 Particle Methods and Their Applications in Engineering

Numerical Investigation of Martian Entry Vehicles Aerodynamics for Hypersonic Rarefied Conditions
Fei Huang, Xiao-wen Liu, Xu-hong Jin

MS-065 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics

Numerical investigation of open water performance of hybrid CRP podded propulsion system
Dongya He, Decheng Wan

MS-066 State-of-the-art modeling on discrete element simulation

CFD-DEM Study of the Effect of Cyclone Arrangements on the Gas-solid Flow Dynamics in the Full-loop Circulating Fluidized Bed
Shuai Wang, Kun Luo, Junjie Lin, Chenshu Hu, Jianren Fan

MS-073 Computational fatigue and fracture mechanics performance

On the low cycle fatigue performance of 7050-T7451 aluminum alloy hybrid laser welded joints
Ya'nan Hu
Fatigue Life Prediction Based on AMPS Stress-Life Approach Fatigue FEA
Yu Hou

MS-074 Fast Computational Methods for Structural Optimization and Design

Fast Analysis and Reanalysis for Structures with Nonlinear Supports
Guanxin Huang, Zhijun Yang, Xin Chen
GPU parallel computation of topology optimization based on EFG method
Gong Shuguang, Xie Guilan, LU Haishan

MS-100 Advanced Computations in Engineering Science (by invitation only)

Identification of Voids Using Topological Derivative and Level Set Method
Xuan Li Zhang, Gang Yang, Dean Hu

Publication On e-Proceedings Only

The Application of Data Mining in Health Care Informatics
Weidong Mao, Hanhun Hu, Fengjie Sun
An Improved Algorithm for Clustering
Tsan-Jung He, Zhao-Yu Wang, Shie-Jue Lee, Shing-Tai Pan
A state space boundary element method with analytical nearly singular integral formulation
Changzheng Cheng, Zhilin Han, Meng Wu, Zhongrong Niu, Hongyu Sheng
Jay Wu, Ling Hongjie
Research on motion response of wind turbine installation vessel in navigation
Yanan Huang

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