ICCM Conferences, The 8th International Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM2017)

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Research on motion response of wind turbine installation vessel in navigation
Yanan Huang

Last modified: 2017-08-06


The proposal of this investigation is motion response of wind turbine installation vessel in navigation. The topic is studied based on the combinations of theoretical analysis and numerical simulation. It is established a three dimensional numerical pool, the finite volume method is adopted to solve the navier-stokes equations, to the actual sea condition of wind turbine installation of numerical analysis of the motion response of the vessel, makes comparison and validation on combining experimental wind wave motion of the ship installation numerical prediction is established. By incident boundary ahead on the way to create the incident wave spectrum functions are defined, at the very back of the computational domain to define momentum source to wave damping, water quality in the area of the wave point on the vertical direction of vibration attenuation finally reached 0, step by step to avoid the influence of reflection wave. When solving the navier-stokes equations using Reynolds time-averaged (RANS) numerical simulation method, assuming that turbulent flow field in the change from an average and a pulsating quantity of based on grid control unit to solve mass conservation, momentum conservation equation, energy conservation and VOF volume control, solving the free surface and the flow field near the structure. In order to ensure the accuracy of the calculation, a 2-order time difference scheme is adopted, and the HRIC difference scheme is adopted in the space with the combination of windward difference and downwind difference. In addition, various meshing formats and mesh size sensitivity are verified.

More systematic and innovative conclusions are drawn, which provides a theoretical basis and technical support for prediction of wave motion response for wind turbine installation vessel.



wind turbine installation vessel, computation overset grids, wave motion response, VOF

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