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MS-004 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

Stability analysis of smoothed finite element method with explicit method for transient heat transfer
Xin Rong, Ming Li, Ruiping Niu

MS-012 Computational Modeling for Cardiovascular Disease and Biological Applications

Study of applied tissue power in microwave ablation
Tong Dong, Qun Nan, Zhen Tian, Xiaohui Nie, Yanyan Cheng

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Flows in out-phase slip-patterned micro-channels using boundary element methods
Chandra Shekhar Nishad, Anirban Chandra, G.P. Raja Sekhar

MS-051 Structural uncertainty analysis

Interval field model and interval finite element analysis
Chao Jiang, Bingyu Ni

MS-055 Numerical Methods Based Unstructured Meshes and Their Applications in Engineering

A four-noded triangular (Tr4) element for solid mechanics problems with curved boundaries
Junhong Yue, G.R. Liu, R.P. Niu, Ming Li

MS-060 Computational Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures

Transient thermal response of a functionally graded piezoelectric laminate with a crack normal to the bimaterial interface
Yoshihisa Nakaue, Sei Ueda
Analytiacl Solution for Sandwiches Cantilever Beam
ZHEN WANG, Yuejin Niu
Phase field simulation of temperature dependent dielectric and piezoelectric properties in BaTiO3 polycrystalline ceramics: potentials of temperature energy harvesting
Fumio Narita

MS-062 Stochastic Modeling and Uncertainties in Computational Mechanics of Materials

Crack Propagation Mode and Stress Localization in Staggered Biomaterials

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Biot’s Consolidation analysis using the node-based smoothed point interpolation method (NS-PIM)
Shiyang Pan, Tongchun Li, Jing Cheng, Ping Yuan, Xinyang Ning
A state space boundary element method with analytical nearly singular integral formulation
Changzheng Cheng, Zhilin Han, Meng Wu, Zhongrong Niu, Hongyu Sheng
Smoothed finite element methods for solving 3D steady and transient
Ruiping Niu, G.R. Liu, J.H. Yue
Development of the advanced software package based on S-FEM
Ruiping Niu, J.F. Zhang, J.H. Yue, Y. Li

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