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MS-000 General Papers

A finite element contact analysis algorithm using distance functions
Xian Chen, Fei Jiang, Junji Ohgi
An optimal eighth-order scheme for multiple zeros of univariate functions
Ramandeep Behl, Fiza Zafar, Ali Saleh Alshomrani, Moin-ud-din Junjua, Nusrat Yasmin

MS-004 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

A Characteristic based ES-FEM with Polynomial Pressure Projection for Incompressible flows
Chen Jiang, Xu Han, G.R. Liu

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Fast adaptive binary-tree mesh generation
Jianming Zhang, Chuanming Ju

MS-014 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems

Quality simulation and decision-making method for complex product integrated manufacturing system
pang jihong

MS-016 Multiscale modelling of damage and fracture in quasi-brittle materials

Micromechanical Studies of Strain Rate Dependent Compressive Strength in Brittle Polycrystalline Materials
Bo Li, Hao Jiang, Zongyue Fan

MS-018 Computational modeling and experimental characterization of soft tissues

Calculation of unloaded configurations for finite element simulations of patient-specific geometries with application to human common carotid artery
Xuhui Li, Mikhail Itskov, Mahmood Jabareen

MS-023 Numerical modelling of fibre reinforced composites under impact and blast

Modelling dynamic response of concrete filled steel tube columns
A.S. Al-Husainy, Zhongwei Guan, S.W. Jones, C. Su

MS-029 Computational Methods in Engineering

Numerical simulation of gasoline blending based on RJM system
pan juyi, Qu Yanpeng, Chen Songying, Wan Dongdong, Tang Xinxin
Research on the features of gasoline mixture flow field with rotary jet mixing
Wan Dongdong, Qu Yanpeng, Chen Songying, Pan Juyi, Tang Xinxin
Numerical investigation on the gasoline mixture with side entering mechanical agitator
tang Xinxin, Qu Yanpeng, Chen Songying, Pan Juyi, Wan Dongdong

MS-036 Immersed boundary method for fluid structure interaction

Fluid-structure interaction simulation via the coupling of finite element and lattice Boltzmann methods
Fei Jiang, Xian Chen, Junji Ohgi

MS-038 Computational and experimental methods on additive manufacturing and related welding technologies

Friction Stir Spot Welding between Porous TC4 Titanium alloy and Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene
Ke Chen, Muyang Jiang

MS-051 Structural uncertainty analysis

Interval field model and interval finite element analysis
Chao Jiang, Bingyu Ni

MS-054 Coupled thermal-mechanical computation for high-temperature materials

The Theoretical Calculation and Numerical Simulation for Thermal Stress Generated in TGO Subjected to Cycled Thermal-Mechanical Loading
Ding Jun

MS-063 Model and Simulation for Advanced Manufacturing

Optimizing the Geometric Parameters of Cutting Edge for Finishing Machining of 30Cr2Ni4MoV Alloy Steel
Bicheng Guo, Feng Jiang, Tongkai Liao, Fuzeng Wang, Lan Yan

MS-064 Particle Methods and Their Applications in Engineering

Numerical Investigation of Martian Entry Vehicles Aerodynamics for Hypersonic Rarefied Conditions
Fei Huang, Xiao-wen Liu, Xu-hong Jin

MS-100 Advanced Computations in Engineering Science (by invitation only)

Evidence-theory-based epistemic uncertainty modeling and reliability analysis
Hu Wang, Chao Jiang

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