Aims & Scope

The purpose of this journal is to provide a forum for the fast online publication and dissemination of original work on modern composite materials and structures. The journal welcome submissions with validated design ideas, novel experimental approaches and rigorous numerical modelling techniques that have significant added academic and scientific values to the advancement of modern industry of composite technology. The journal also promotes novel applications of composite materials and structures in various engineering and industry sectors.

The journal is devoted to the following topics.

  • Self-assembled composites;
  • Self-healing composites;
  • Adaptive composites;
  • Ultra-light composites;
  • Thermoplastic composites;
  • Natural fibre composites;
  • Nano-composites
  • Smart composites;
  • Hybrid composites;
  • Metal-matrix composites;
  • Textile composites;
  • Ductile composites;
  • Biomedical composites;
  • Functionally graded composites;
  • Composite joints;
  • Bonding and adhesion;
  • Composites for extreme situations;
  • Processing and manufacturing of Composites;
  • Testing of composites;
  • Non-destructive evaluation of composites;
  • Damage and failure of composites;
  • Modelling and simulation techniques for composites;
  • Optimal design of composites;
  • Other topics related to composites.

The journal places a great emphasis on novelty of the ideas, methods, and techniques. It opens to all age groups and all walks of life, aiming for fresh and interdisciplinary ideas in the general areas of composites.

When preparing for paper submission, please download the paper template here.