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Plenary Lecture & Thematic Plenary Lecture

A frictional contact algorithm for implicit material point method
Zhenpeng Chen, Xiong Zhang, Xinming Qiu, Yan Liu

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

A research of patient-specific flow boundary condition in noninvasive coronary fractional flow reserve
Yang Qingqing, Qiao Aike
Consistent high order meshfree Galerkin methods and applications
Duan Qinglin

MS-006 Modelling and Characterisation of Mechanical Behaviour of Advanced Materials

Mechanical Performance of Bioresorbable Polymeric Stents during Crimping and Expansion in Diseased Artery
Tianyang Qiu, Liguo Zhao, Mo Song

MS-008 Algorithms, Software and Applications of Large-Scale Computation

Large scale traffic evacuation simulation based on multi-agent modeling
shuiping Yu, Shengcheng Yuan, Yi Liu, Jing Qian

MS-012 Computational Modeling for Cardiovascular Disease and Biological Applications

Pressure variation after stent intervention for a giant aneurysm complicated by a stenosis
Wenyu Fu, Aike Qiao
Applying virtual stent deployment to study flow-diversion treatment for intracranial aneurysms: the effect of stent compaction on post-treatment wire configuration
Mingzi Zhang, Yujie Li, David I. Verrelli, Winston Chong, Makoto Ohta, Yi Qian
Modelling flow-diverting stent as porous medium with different permeabilities in the treatment of intracranial aneurysms: a comparison of a successfully treated case and an unsuccessful one
Yujie Li, Mingzi Zhang, David I. Verrelli, William Yang, Winston Chong, Makoto Ohta, Yi Qian

MS-021 Multi-scale Computational Mechanics for Heterogeneous Materials

Numerical Simulation of Effect Brought by Presence of Carbon Nanofiber in Carbon Fiber Reinforced Polymer
PeiLiang Bian, Hai Qing

MS-029 Computational Methods in Engineering

Numerical investigations of centrifugal compressor with corrosion pit defect preset on the disk and blade
Songying Chen, Yanpeng Qu, Xinxin Tang, Dongdong Wan, Juyi Pan

MS-060 Computational Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures

Origami assembly of three dimensional metallic structures and their applications
Yan Shi, Luqiao Qi, Cunfa Gao
Automatic voxel-based generation of 2D microstructural FE models and its application to microstructural analysis of composites
Hai Qing

MS-076 Advanced in numerical simulation based structural damage detection in Engineering

Sparse representation for the impact force acting on composite structures
Baijie Qiao

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