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MS-000 General Papers

A new SPH iterative method for solving nonlinear equations
Rahmatjan Imin

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

A novel method to improve the multiple-scales solution of the forced strongly nonlinear oscillators
Hai-En Du, Guo-Kang Er, Vai Pan Iu

MS-004 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

A stabilization method of F-barES-FEM-T4 for dynamic explicit analysis of nearly incompressible solids
Ryoya Iida, Yuki Onishi, Kenji Amaya
Accurate viscoelastic large deformation analysis using F-bar aided edge-based smoothed finite element method for 4-node tetrahedral meshes (F-barES-FEM-T4)
Yuki Onishi, Ryoya Iida, Kenji Amaya

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Time-domain isogeometric boundary element method based on the convolution quadrature method for scalar wave propagation
Tsukasa Ito, Takahiro Saitoh, Tinh Quoc Bui, Sohichi Hirose

MS-014 Modelling and Simulation of Complex Systems

3D Nonlinear dynamical analysis of cable-stayed offshore structures
Kun Wang, Guo-Kang Er, Vai Pan Iu

MS-015 Fluid-Structure Interaction and Multiphysics Problems in Aerospace Engineering

Transport and Deposition in the Terminal Bronchioles of Large Scale 17-Generation Model
Mohammad S. Islam, Suvash C. Saha, Emilie Sauret, Yuantong Gu
Control of Energy Flow and Wave Propagation by Periodically Distributing Piezoelectric Materials with Identical Shunting Circuits
Yu FAN, Lin Li, Olivier Bareille, Mohamed Ichchou

MS-018 Computational modeling and experimental characterization of soft tissues

Calculation of unloaded configurations for finite element simulations of patient-specific geometries with application to human common carotid artery
Xuhui Li, Mikhail Itskov, Mahmood Jabareen

MS-019 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Development of a partitioned coupling analysis system for fluid-structure interactions using an ISPH code and the ADVENTURE system
Masao Ogino, Takuya Iwama, Mitsuteru Asai

MS-041 Computational Methods in Acoustics and Elastodynamics

2-D inverse scattering analysis for a defect in authentic stainless steels

MS-057 Analysis and Design Methods of Building Structures Located in Earthquake Areas

Seismic design loads of truss arch frames supported by RC columns with ceilings subjected to vertical and horizontal earthquake motions
Koichiro Ishikawa

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