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MS-000 General Papers

A truss section size optimization design method based on constraint variation principle
Yubin Liu, Xin Zheng, Shengjun Zhang, Feng Shen, Xiangrong Fu
Flutter frequency based on bending - torsion coupling theory
Xin Zheng, Yu-Bin LIU, Pu CHEN, Feng SHEN, Sheng-Jun ZHANG, Xiang-Rong FU

MS-012 Computational Modeling for Cardiovascular Disease and Biological Applications

Patient-Specific Echo-Based Left Ventricle Models for Active Contraction and Relaxation Using Different Zero-Load Diastole and Systole Geometries
Longling Fan, Jing Yao, Chun Yang, Di Xu, Dalin Tang
Pressure variation after stent intervention for a giant aneurysm complicated by a stenosis
Wenyu Fu, Aike Qiao

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Improved method of fundamental solutions in conjunction with kernel-independent fast multipole method for solving potential problems
Zhuojia Fu, Junpi Li, Wen Chen
A new implementation of time domain boundary element method for 3D transient heat conduction problems
Zhou Fenglin

MS-015 Fluid-Structure Interaction and Multiphysics Problems in Aerospace Engineering

Control of Energy Flow and Wave Propagation by Periodically Distributing Piezoelectric Materials with Identical Shunting Circuits
Yu FAN, Lin Li, Olivier Bareille, Mohamed Ichchou

MS-016 Multiscale modelling of damage and fracture in quasi-brittle materials

Micromechanical Studies of Strain Rate Dependent Compressive Strength in Brittle Polycrystalline Materials
Bo Li, Hao Jiang, Zongyue Fan

MS-028 Advanced Computational Methods for The Mechanical Modeling of Materials and Structures

Some novel numerical applications of Cosserat continua
Nicholas Fantuzzi, Lorenzo Leonetti, Patrizia Trovalusci, Francesco Tornabene

MS-029 Computational Methods in Engineering

Numerical manifold method for two-phase flow in fractured-porous media with non-matching mesh
Huidong Wang, Lifeng Fan, Guowei Ma, Bin Wang

MS-036 Immersed boundary method for fluid structure interaction

Computational Fluid Dynamic (CFD) method to simulate complex-structured soft-body locomotion using OpenFOAM
Hui FENG, Peter TODD, Heow Pueh LEE

MS-041 Computational Methods in Acoustics and Elastodynamics

2-D inverse scattering analysis for a defect in authentic stainless steels

MS-045 Computational Biomechanics

Effectsof boundary on biofilm morphogenesis
Cheng Zhang, Bo Li, Jing-Ying Tang, Xi-Qiao Feng

MS-060 Computational Mechanics of Functional Materials and Structures

Elastic-Plastic Interaction of a Griffith Crack with a Circular Inclusion and Nearby Edge Dislocation
Mu Fan, C. F. Gao

MS-063 Model and Simulation for Advanced Manufacturing

Equivalent Thermal Conductivity of Metal Powder Beds in 3D Printing
Yuntian Feng, Yuanqiang Tan

MS-065 Computational Marine Hydrodynamics

Numerical Study of Riser Vibration Due to Top-End Platform Motion
Bowen Fu, Decheng Wan

MS-066 State-of-the-art modeling on discrete element simulation

CFD-DEM Study of the Effect of Cyclone Arrangements on the Gas-solid Flow Dynamics in the Full-loop Circulating Fluidized Bed
Shuai Wang, Kun Luo, Junjie Lin, Chenshu Hu, Jianren Fan

Publication On e-Proceedings Only

Analytical Computation for Turbulence and Enstrophy in the Taylor Green Vortex Model
Kaveh Fardipour, Kamyar Mansour
Optimized Compact Scheme with High Order of Accuracy Using Maximum Norm
Kaveh Fardipour, Kamyar Mansour

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