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MS-000 General Papers

Simulation driven development of a CFRPT gearbox housing
Thomas Schneider, Monika Kreutzmann, Raik Rademacher, Christophe Dominé, Herve Motte, Chye Hock Tok

MS-001 Theory and Formulation for Novel Computational Methods

A novel method to improve the multiple-scales solution of the forced strongly nonlinear oscillators
Hai-En Du, Guo-Kang Er, Vai Pan Iu

MS-005 Numerical methods blending mesh-based and mesh-free technique

A complex variable interpolating meshless method for two-dimensional transient heat conduction problem
Ya Jie Deng, Xiao Qiao He

MS-012 Computational Modeling for Cardiovascular Disease and Biological Applications

Study of applied tissue power in microwave ablation
Tong Dong, Qun Nan, Zhen Tian, Xiaohui Nie, Yanyan Cheng

MS-013 Advances in BEM and Other Mesh-Reduction Methods

Expanding element interpolation method for 2D crack problems
Jianming Zhang, Yunqiao Dong

MS-027 Multiscale and Multiphysics Modelling for Complex Materials

Characterization of damage-healing-plasticity-breakage in multi-scale DEM-FEM modeling of granular material
Xikui Li, Zenghui Wang, Qinglin Duan

MS-029 Computational Methods in Engineering

Numerical simulation of gasoline blending based on RJM system
pan juyi, Qu Yanpeng, Chen Songying, Wan Dongdong, Tang Xinxin
Research on the features of gasoline mixture flow field with rotary jet mixing
Wan Dongdong, Qu Yanpeng, Chen Songying, Pan Juyi, Tang Xinxin
Numerical investigation on the gasoline mixture with side entering mechanical agitator
tang Xinxin, Qu Yanpeng, Chen Songying, Pan Juyi, Wan Dongdong
Investigation of Bridging Method to Predict Rarefied Aerodynamics of Lift Body
Xiao-wen Liu, Guo-hui Dou, An-long Gong

MS-038 Computational and experimental methods on additive manufacturing and related welding technologies

Edge Effect on Eddy Current Detection for Subsurface Defects in Titanium Alloys
YIbo Wang, Qian Bai, Wei Du, Bi Zhang

MS-041 Computational Methods in Acoustics and Elastodynamics

A meshfree method for dynamic analysis of rotating thick plates with third-order shear deformation theory
chaofan du, Dingguo Zhang, Guirong Liu

MS-054 Coupled thermal-mechanical computation for high-temperature materials

Theoretical models on the fracture strengths of ceramic single crystal fibers at different temperatures and test rates
Jiaxing Shao, Weiguo Li, Ruzhuan Wang, Yong Deng, Jianzuo Ma
Theoretical computation on the critical resolved shear stress of metals at different temperatures in pure shear mode
Jianzuo Ma, Weiguo Li, Peiji Geng, Xuyao Zhang, Ying Li, Yong Deng
Theoretical prediction on temperature-dependent non-steady-state first matrix cracking stress for fiber reinforced ceramic composites
Yong Deng, Weiguo Li, Xuyao Zhang

MS-059 Advances in Semi-analytical numerical methods

Treffz Method for Micromechanical Modeling of Nanocomposites Considering Interface Effects
Junbo Wang, Leiting Dong
Micromechanical Modeling of Heterogeneous Materials by Computational Grains
Leiting Dong

MS-061 Structural integrity and fracture mechanics

Numerical investigations on the effects of T-stress in creep crack
Yanwei Dai, Yinghua Liu

MS-066 State-of-the-art modeling on discrete element simulation

Evaluation of contact force models for ellipsoidal particles
Kejun Dong, Kamyar Kildashti, Bijan Samali
A Linkage between Particle- and Cell-scale Drag Correlations for Packed Beds of Multi-sized Particles
Liangwan Rong, Kejun Dong, Aibing Yu

MS-073 Computational fatigue and fracture mechanics performance

Residual life assessment of incomplete fusion defects in welded bogie frame based on fracture mechanics
Hao Duan, SC Wu

MS-100 Advanced Computations in Engineering Science (by invitation only)

Delamination and matrix cracking in L-shaped cross-ply composite laminates under four-point bending
Q.F. Duan, Dongfeng cao

Publication On e-Proceedings Only

A development of SPH model for simulating surface erosion by impact(s) of single irregular-shaped particles
Xiangwei Dong

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