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MS-010 Data-driven Surrogate Modeling Techniques for Inverse and Other Related Problems

Bregman-iterative greedy coordinate descent for sparse polynomial chaos expansion in structural uncertainty analysis
Jian Zhang, Xinxin Yue, Jiajia Qiu

MS-025 Meshfree and Other Advanced Numerical Methods for Engineering and Applied Mathematical Problems

A meshfree stabilized collocation method and its applications in fluid-structure interactions
Lihua Wang, Zhihao Qian

MS-043 Multiscale multiphysical damage and fracture simulation of cementitious composites

Meso-scale modelling of ceramic ball aggregated ultra-high performance geopolymer concrete under projectile impact
Kefo Qu, Jian Liu, Chengqing Wu

MS-045 Data-driven modeling and design approaches

An Adaptive Artificial Neural Network-based Deep Generative Design Method
Wenjing Ye, Chao Qian, Renkai Tang

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