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Plenary Lecture

SPL: CT image-based damage and fracture modelling and validation of Concrete and FRC
Zhenjun Yang

MS-002 Particle Based Methods

Atom-based molecular mechanics method for predicting the mechanical property of molybdenum disulfide (MoS2)
Hongfei Ye, Dong Li, Yonggang Zheng, Hongwu Zhang, Zhen Chen

MS-005 Reduced order models for structures and fluids

A Non-intrusive Parametrized Reduced Order Modeling for Unsteady Flows based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition
Jianyao Yao

MS-009 Computational Methods in Fluid Engineering

Improved smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) model for simulation of abrasive water-jet (AWJ)
Ran Yu, Xiangwei Dong, Mingchao Du, Zengliang Li, Long Feng

MS-010 Data-driven Surrogate Modeling Techniques for Inverse and Other Related Problems

Bregman-iterative greedy coordinate descent for sparse polynomial chaos expansion in structural uncertainty analysis
Jian Zhang, Xinxin Yue, Jiajia Qiu

MS-011 Damage and Failure Modelling in Composite Materials

Analysis of failure process of bonded pipe joints under tension loads
Hong Yuan, Jun Han, Lan Zeng, Ziyong Mo

MS-013 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Timber traceability with CNN Based Image Recognition Technology
Zheng Hongjie, Asano Miyoko, Asano Yoshiharu

MS-015 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

A 3D selective smoothed finite element method for analysis of the human annulus fibrosus with fiber-matrix interaction
Xue Yan

MS-016 Computational Mechanics for Composite Plates and Shells

Structural optimization of laminate composite structures using equivalent static loads
yijae choi, Jinhwan Park, Kyunghun Jeon, Jaemin Moon, Donghyeon Yoo, Chang-Wan Kim

MS-017 Computational methods in Hydraulic engineering

Entropy production analysis of energy loss of a Francis turbine under overall operating conditions: hybrid RANS/LES simulations
Zhi-Feng Yu

MS-043 Multiscale multiphysical damage and fracture simulation of cementitious composites

Micro CT image-based reconstruction of random fields and mesoscale fracture modelling of concrete
Yu-jie Huang, Hui Zhang, Zhen-jun Yang, Jian-ying Wu
Two-dimensional meso-scale simulation of hydraulic fracture in concrete
kelai Yu, Zhenjun Yang, Xin Zhang, Guohua Liu
A hydro-damage-mechanical coupled numerical method for fracking in poroelastic media based on a phase-field regularized cohesive zone model
Hui Li, Zhenjun Yang

MS-044 Uncertainty quantification and analysis for structures

Generalized probability and interval hybrid reliability analysis based on a two-stage active learning Kriging model
Mengchen Yu, Xiangyun Long

MS-045 Data-driven modeling and design approaches

An Adaptive Artificial Neural Network-based Deep Generative Design Method
Wenjing Ye, Chao Qian, Renkai Tang

Publication at the conference Proceedings

A method for Helmholtz operator and application to free vibration problem of thin plate on Pasternak foundation
Shanqing Li, Hong Yuan, Jiarong Gan

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