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MS-013 Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Performance evaluation of centroidal Voronoi tessellation for initial particle distribution of particle methods
Masao Ogino, Yutaka Ogisu

MS-015 Smoothed Finite Element Methods and Related Techniques

Explicit Dynamic Analysis using SelectiveCS-FEM-T10 with Radial Element Subdivision
Yuki Onishi

MS-018 Data, Uncertainty, Machine Learning and Digital Twin

Improved Strategies for YOLOv2 + OC Object Detection System
Yijun Lu, Ningning Lu, Heng Ouyang, Shuyong Duan

MS-032 Acoustic metamaterials and phononic crystals: from fundamental theory to potential applications

A material parameter estimation method based on ultrasonic echo measurement and neural network
jialin zhang, Heng Ouyang, shuyong Duan

MS-035 Computational Biomechanics

Second Harmonic Generation Image-based Strain Analysis of an Osteon in Peri-Implant Jaw Bone
Noemie Jeannin, Naoki Takano, Kento Odaka, Satoru Matsunaga
Multiscale modeling for pulmonary airflow simulation
Fei Jiang, Xian Chen, Tsunahiko Hirano, Junji Ohgi, Kazuto Matsunaga

MS-036 Recent Advances and Developments for Damage and Failure of Engineering Materials and Structures

Comparative study to analyze deformation/fracture behavior under high-velocity impact using different dynamic transient operators
Yogeshwar Jasra, Pardeep kumar, Nikesh Ojha, Ravindra Kumar Saxena

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