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MS-000 General Papers

Bi-potential method applied for multiple collisions problems of discrete element system and multi-body system
Ling Tao, ZhiQiang Feng, Yan Li, Huijian Chen
Structured grids based method with reformed boundary basis functions for solid and structure
Yanan Liu, Fangxiong Tang, Guansi Liu

MS-027 Modeling and Simulation for Additive Manufacturing

BESO Approach for the Optimal Retrofitting Design of Steel Hollow-Section Columns Supporting Industry Cranes
Rut Su, Thu Van Huynh, Sawekchai Tangaramvong

MS-028 Computational Acoustics and Elastodynamics in Materials and Structures

Spectral finite element method combined with bi-potential approach for efficient simulation of contact acoustic nonlinearity
Huijian Chen, Hongchen Miao, Ling Tao, Zhiqiang Feng
The finite element method for inverse wave scattering in rods
Bang X. Trinh, Cuong T. Nguyen

MS-029 Kernel and machine learning based solutions of PDEs

Physics-Information-based Solver for Surface Partial Differential Equations
Zhuochao Tang, Zhuojia Fu

MS-033 Design optimization of structures and metamaterials

A Chaos Game Optimization Method for Weight Minimization of Steel Truss Structures
Eain Kyi Thar, Sawekchai Tangaramvong

MS-035 Computational Biomechanics

Second Harmonic Generation Image-based Strain Analysis of an Osteon in Peri-Implant Jaw Bone
Noemie Jeannin, Naoki Takano, Kento Odaka, Satoru Matsunaga

MS-044 Uncertainty quantification and analysis for structures

Sensitivity analysis of artillery external ballistic based on the approximate high dimensional model representation
Nichen Tong, Qiming Liu, Xu Han

MS-045 Data-driven modeling and design approaches

An Adaptive Artificial Neural Network-based Deep Generative Design Method
Wenjing Ye, Chao Qian, Renkai Tang

Publication at the conference Proceedings

Application of boundary face method in cathodic protection problems
Sanshan Tu, Yanjie Wei, Shengzhong Feng, Zhongyang Dai

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