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MS-004 Boundary Element Methods and Mesh Reduction Methods

Zonal Free Element Method in Structure-Fluid Coupling Analysis Based on Interface Nodes Topology Sequence Interpolation Technique
Xiao-Wei Gao

MS-030 New methods of approximate static calculations

Static equivalent modeling of dynamic seismic forces for realizing earthquake resistant spatial truss structures
Koichiro Ishikawa, Zhiyuan Gao

MS-043 Multiscale multiphysical damage and fracture simulation of cementitious composites

Mesoscale modelling of interfacial failure between FRP sheet and concrete
Zihua Zhang, Jialong Guo, Xuan Wang

MS-046 Micro-/Nano-mechanics for Novel Materials

Molecular dynamics analysis of interstitial sites change of MWCNT bundle according to in-plane compression deformation
Byeonghwa Goh

Publication at the conference Proceedings

A method for Helmholtz operator and application to free vibration problem of thin plate on Pasternak foundation
Shanqing Li, Hong Yuan, Jiarong Gan

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