ICCM Proceedings Series


GR Liu
University of Cincinnati


This series of volums collect conference proceedings for the International Conference on Computational Methods (ICCM), since the 5th ICCM that was held in 2014. 

Computational Modelling and Simulation are fundamental subjects in engineering and sciences. They can be applied to many of the primary engineering disciplines, including Aerospace, Bio-medical, Civil, Chemical, Mechanical, and Materials Engineering among others. Computational Modelling and Simulation cover a broad range of research areas, from conventional structural and mechanical designs, failure analysis, dynamic and vibration analysis, and fluid mechanics to cutting-edge computational mechanics, nano-micro mechanics, multiscale mechanics, coupled multi-physics problems and novel materials. This is reflected in the variety of fields featured in the conference topics.

The genesis of the ICCM series dates back to 2004, when the first ICCM2004 conference was held in Singapore, followed by

ICCM2007 in Hiroshima, Japan,

ICCM2010 in Zhangjiajie, China,

ICCM2012 in Gold Coast, Australia,

ICCM2014 in Cambridge, UK,

ICCM2015 in Auckland, New Zealand,

ICCM2016 in Berkeley, CA, USA,

ICCM2017 in Guilin, China,

ICCM2018 in Rome, Italy,

ICCM2019 in Singapore. 

The ICCM conference is unique in the sense that it showcases the current developments and trends in the general topic of Computational Methods and their relationship to global priorities in science and engineering. The papers scheduled for presentation at ICCM address many urgent and grand challenges in modern engineering and sciences. All ICCM abstracts and full papers were peer-reviewed by independent reviewers. Selected papers may be invited to be developed into a full journal paper for publication in special issues of some international journals. These papers encompass a broad range of topics related to computational mechanics, including applied mechanics theory and formulation, computational methods and techniques, modelling techniques and procedures, nano and macro-mechanics of materials, dynamics, manufacturing, biomechanics, processing of advanced materials, welding and joining, surface engineering and other related processes. 

Volume 1: ICCM2014 Conference Proceedings (full papers, online)

                 Editors: GR Liu and Zhongwei Guan

Volume 2: ICCM2015 Conference Proceedings (full papers, online)

                 Editors: GR Liu and Raj Das

Volume 3: ICCM2016 Conference Proceedings (full papers, online)

                 Editors: GR Liu and Shaofan Li

Volume 4: ICCM2017 Conference Proceedings (full papers, online)

                  Editors: GR Lliu, Xu Han, and Zirui Li

Volume 5: ICCM2018 Conference Proceedings (full papers, online)

                  Editors: GR Lliu, Petrizia Trovalusci

Volume 6: ICCM2019 Conference Proceedings (full papers, online)

                  Editors: GR Lliu, Fangsen Cui, George Xu

All above volums are for free open access. 

ISSN 2374-3948 (online)

Cover for ICCM Proceedings Series
September 26, 2017