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General Papers

PL: Modelling for design and manufacture of textile composites
Andrew Craig Long
PL: Image Analysis of Full-Field Vibration and Strain Data
John E Mottershead
PL: Weak Galerkin Finite Element Methods: Theory and Algorithms
Junping Wang
TPL: A multiscale boundary integral formulation for modelling damage
Ferri Aliabadi
TPL: Using CFD for Aircraft Aeroelastic and Flight Dynamics Analysis
Ken Badcock
TPL: Explosive interactions of granular media with structures
Vikram Sudhir Deshpande
TPL: Experimental and Numerical Investigations on Mechanical and Thermal Properties of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials
Yuantong Gu
TPL: An Industrial Application of Thermal Convection Analysis
Hiroshi Kanayama
TPL: Computational Otolaryngology – Modeling and Simulations of Nasal Airflows
Heow-Pueh LEE, Jian Hua Zhu, Shu Jin Lee, De Yun Wang
TPL: Soft Active Polymer and their Composites: Recent Progress and Future Applications
Jinsong Leng
TPL: Beyond finite element method: towards robust and accurate meshless method for computational biomechanics for medicine
Karol Miller
TPL: Using backbone curves to model the response of weakly coupled nonlinear oscillators
David Wagg

MS-0: Theory of computational methods

Keynote: Finite integration method for solving multi-dimensional partial differential equations
Pihua Wen
Solving 2D multi-crack problems with arbitrary distribution by virtual boundary meshless least squares method
qiang xu
A Differential Quadrature Hierarchical Finite Element Method and Its Application to Thickness-shear Vibration Analysis of Rectangular Quartz Plates
Bo Liu
Application of Lattice Green Function & Lattice Boltzmann Model to Lithosphere-asthenosphere permeability
Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Volume Element Methods for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
Ruchi Sandilya, Sarvesh Kumar

MS-1: Computational Mechanics for Solids and Structures

Keynote: Stress Concentration Factors of Matrix in a Composite Subjected to Transverse Loads
Zheng-Ming Huang
Keynote:Convolution Quadrature BEM for Wave Analysis in General Anisotropic Fluid-Saturated Porous Solid and its GPU Acceleration
Akira Furukawa, Takahiro Saitoh, Sohichi Hirose
Keynote: SAPNOLM–A Software Package for Landslide Simulation
Mingwu YUAN
Keynote: Finite element analysis of sustainable and deconstructable semi-rigid beam-to-column composite joints
abdolreza ataei
Dynamic analysis of two-dimensional periodic structures based on precise integration method
Qiang Gao, Ying Feng
ODE-Solver-Oriented Computational Method for the Structural Dynamic Analysis of Super Tall Buildings
Yaoqing Gong, Xiancheng Wang
Complex modal analysis using undamped modes
Yujin Hu, Li Li
Modelling of Energy-absorbing Behavior of Polymer Foams Reinforced Metallic Tubes
Accurate Transient Response Analysis of Non-Classically Damped Systems
Li Li, Yujin Hu, Ling Ling
A Symplectic Integrator for Rigid Body Dynamics Based on Unit Quaternions
Xiaoming Xu, Wanxie Zhong
Nonlinear finite element analysis of Concrete Filled Steel Tube (CFST) columns under projectile impact loading
Size and Scale dependence of the behavior of Truss Models: A Gradient Elasticity Approach
Olufemi Taiwo AKINTAYO
Construction of second order gradient continuous media by the discrete asymptotic homogenization method
A Variational approach and finite element implementation for controlled drug delivery
A nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive model with damage for solid propellant
KyeongSoo Yun
Comparison Between Residual Stress Measurements and Eigenstrain Approach at Round Edges
Stefano Coratella
A second-order cell-centered Lagrangian scheme for one-dimensional elastic-plastic problems
Jun Bo Cheng, Eleuterio F. Toro, Song Jiang

MS-2: Optimization Design of Complex Structure Systems

Keynote: Shape and topology optimization with finite cell method using fixed grids
Weihong Zhang, Shouyu Cai, Liang Meng, Jihong Zhu
Keynote: Topology optimization of metallic antennas design for radiation energy maximization
Shuitan Liu, Qi Wang, Renjing Gao
A Pod-based Reduction Approach For Multiscale Nonlinear Structural Design
Liang Xia, Piotr Breitkopf
Topology optimization with Shape Preserving Design
Jihong Zhu, Weihong Zhang, Yu Li
A 3D Knowledge-Based On complicated Mould Design system
amit kumar Haldar

MS-3: Particle Based Methods

Keynote: Particle-Based Multiscale Simulation within the MPM Framework
Zhen Chen
Keynote: Tied Interface Grid Material Point Method for Problems with Localized Extreme Deformation
Yanping Lian, Xiong Zhang
Invited: Investigation of High-velocity Impact Process of Honeycomb Material with Meso-structure-based Simulation
Ping Liu, Yan Liu, Xiong Zhang
Invited: Numerical Study of Drag Reduction of Flexible Fibers in Viscous Fluid using SPH-EBG method
Xiufeng Yang, Moubin Liu, Shiliu Peng
Invited: SPH simulation on high velocity impact of C/SiC composite
Fei Xu, Yang yang, Zhongbin Tang
Invited: Molecular Dynamics Based Material Modeling of Cement Paste
Ram Mohan
Self-adaptive Lie Series Method and its Symplecticity
Yufeng Xing
A Numerical study of the impact resistance of woodpecker’s head
Yuzhe Liu, Xinming QIU, Xiong Zhang, TongXi YU
Analysis of Central Sloshing Experiment Using Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics (SPH) Method
Sergey K Buruchenko
Preliminary investigations into progressive failures using the implicit material point method
bin wang, Philip Vardon, Michael Hicks, zhen chen
Numerical Simulation of Drops Impacting on Textured Surfaces
SHUO CHEN, Yuxiang Wang

MS-4: Structural Integrity – Fracture Mechanics

performance study of iterative solver for incompressible materials
Hiroshi Kawai
On mixed mode stress intensity factor evaluation using Interaction Integral Method for the tetrahedral finite element (for cracks with kinks)
Yuki Wakashima, Hiroshi Okada

MS-5: Numerical Methods for Fractional Order Differential Equations and their Optimal by Control

Legendre-collocation method for nonlinear Volterra integral equations of the second kinds
Zhao Tinggang

MS-6: Numerical methods for two-phase flow and fluid-structure interaction

Simulation of Flow-accelerated Corrosion based on Wall Shear Stress on Metal Surface
Kazuhiro Suga
Numerical Investigation of Blade Vibration Coupling Using Fluid–Structure Interaction Approach
Yun Zheng, lian-jie Yue
Numerical Simulation on Cavitation in a Vane Pump with Moving Mesh
Qunfeng Zhang, Xiao YUn Xu
The Robust Godunov type Upwinding Schemes To solve Multiphase Multi-Equation Models
Yang-Yao Niu
Simulation of Liquid-Solid Interaction using a Phase-Field-Lattice Boltzmann Method
Roberto Carlos Rojas Molina, Tomohiro Takaki

MS-7: Modeling and simulation of functional materials and structures

Keynote: Phase field modeling of the magnetization vortex of ferromagnetic materials
Jie Wang, Jianwei Zhang
Invited: Cohesive Zone Modeling of Cracking along the Cu/Si Interface in Nanoscale Components
Yabin Yan, Takashi Sumigawa, Takayuki Kitamura
Invited: Magnetoelectric Effects in Functionally graded multiferroic laminated plates and shells
Chunli Zhang
Rita Greco, Giuseppe Carlo Marano
Material Tailoring in Functionally Graded Hollow Cylinders under Non-axisymmetric Loads
guojun Nie, Z Zhong
Theoretical Studies on the Salts Formed by Triazoles with Nitrate and Dinitramide
xueli zhang
Analytical investigation of 2D phononic crystals with imperfect interface
Xingyi Zhu
First-principles Calculation on Ferroelectricity of Ultrathin PbTiO3 Nanotube
Xiaoyuan Wang, Takahiro Shimada, Takayuki Kitamura
Hydro-geochemical Model for Treating Acidic Groundwater using a Permeable Reactive Barrier in Australia
Udeshini Pathirage, Buddhima Indraratna
Transient dynamic crack analysis in multifield coupled smart functional materials by XFEM
Models for Scattering of Surface Waves from Scratches on a Surface
Haidang Phan, Younho Cho, Jan D. Achenbach

MS-8: Smart and multifunctional composites

Keynote: Dynamics, thermodynamics and stability of dielectric elastomer
Liwu Liu, Jinrong Li, Yanju Liu, Jinsong Leng
Keynote: Magnetic Multistable Structures - Experiments and Simulations
Stoyan Smoukov
Investigation on Elastic Fibers Enforced Shape Memory Polymer Composites
Jian Sun
Design and manufacture smart mandrels using shape memory polymer
Haiyang DU, Liwu Liu, Fanlong Chen, Yanju Liu, Jinsong Leng

MS-10: Numerical Methods for Damage and Fracture Analyses in Composites

Keynote: Application of XFEM using CZM to damage propagation analyses of CFRP composite laminate
Toshio Nagashima
Invited: The effect of stacking sequence on foreign object damage to CFRP laminates
Ryo Higuchi, Tomonaga Okabe
Numerical modeling of curvilinear corrugated-core sandwich structures subjected to low velocity impact loading
Tawan Boonkong

MS-11: Large Scale Coupled Problems and Related Topics

Keynote: A Balancing Domain Decomposition Method Combined with a Diagonal-Scaling Preconditioning for Multi-Materials
Masao Ogino
Invited: An Efficient Parallelization and Asymmetric Solver for the FSI Solver based on the SUPG/PSPG Method and the Enriched Free Mesh Method
Yasushi Nakabayashi, Shinsuke Nagaoka, Yoshiaki Tamura, Genki Yagawa
Invited: Effect of GPU Communication-Hiding for SpMV Using OpenACC
Olav Aanes Fagerlund, Takeshi Kitayama, Gaku Hashimoto, Hiroshi Okuda
Preconditioner Construction for Magnetostatic Domain Decomposition Analysis
Hiroshi Kanayama, Masao Ogino, Shin-ichiro Sugimoto
A Balancing Domain Decomposition Method with a Multigrid Strategy of Magnetostatic Problems
Daisuke TAGAMI
Comparative Study of Sparse Matrix Storage Schemes in the Finite Element Analysis of Thermal-Structure Coupling Problems
Abul Mukid Mohammad Mukaddes, Ryuji Shioya, Masao Ogino

MS-12: Stochastic Modelling and Probabilistic Engineering

Keynote: Stochastic Models, Uncertainty Quantification, and Inverse Problems with Low-Rank Tensor Approximations
Hermann G. Matthies
Keynote: Variational Formulation of Stochastic Dynamics
Invited: Statistical Reconstruction of Multiphase Random Media
Chenfeng Li
Sample-based Reliability Estimation Method in Computational Mechanics employing Extreme Value Distribution
Chan Kyu Choi, Anas Batou, Christian Soize, Hong Hee Yoo
Coherent and Compatible Statistical Models in Structural Analysis
Maria Nogal, Enrique Castillo, Aida Calviño, Alan O'Connor
Poroelasticity of Polycrystalline Composites and its Relationship to Biopolymer Induced Pore-Clogging Effects for Improving Water-Flood Efficiency
James G. Berryman
Spatial and Temporal Variability of a Geo-Structural System
Michael Davidson, Jae Chung, Harald Klammler

MS-13: Atomistic and Continuum Simulations on Materials Strength and Properties

Keynote: Evaluation of the mechanical property of ferrite lamellar in pearlite microstructure
Tetsuya Ohashi, Yohei Yasuda
Keynote: Atomistic Fracture Toughness of Magnesium Alloy Mg-Y by Molecular Dynamics Simulations
Yoji Shibutani, Daisuke Matsunaka
Invited: Study on Mechanical Model of Nafion Membrane
Isamu Riku
Invited: A First-principles Study of Twin Boundary and Surface Energies of Magnesium Alloys
Daisuke Matsunaka
Invited: Influence of Random Nucleation Condition on Transformation Kinetics in Phase Field Simulations
Takuya Uehara
Invited: Lattice Defect Model of Kink Deformation and Configurational Force
Akihiro Nakatani, Xiao-Wen Lei
Global vs. Local Instabilities of Pure Bcc Iron
Kisaragi Yashiro
Crack propagation simulations in complicated material micrsotructures by multi-phase-field crack model
Tomohiro Takaki
Finite element analysis of frictional properties of hierarchical ramification structure on a flat surface
Xiaoru Wang, Akihiro Nakatani

MS-14: Structural and material optimization

Invited: Computing Lipschitz and Calmness Moduli in Linear Optimization
María Josefa Cánovas, Abderrahim Hantoute, Juan Parra, Francisco Javier Toledo
Computational Methods on Tool Forces in Friction Stir Welding
Zhao Zhang
Topology Optimization of Anisotropic Materials under Harmonic Response Based on ICM Method
Hongling Ye
Form-finding of topologically complex shells using isogeometric analysis and trimmed surfaces
Pilseong Kang, Sung-Kie Youn

MS-15: Regularization Algorithms in BEM

Keynote: BEM Analysis of Actively Cooled Thermal structures
Xiao-Wei Gao
Keynote: Adaptive Precise Integration BEM for Solving Transient Heat Conduction Problems
Bo Yu, Weian Yao
Invited: Inversion of Temperature-dependent Thermal Conductivity for 2-D Transient Heat Conduction Problems Based on BEM
Huanlin Zhou
Free vibration analysis of the functionally graded coated and undercoated plates
Yang Yang
Analysis of the temperature fields in anisotropic coating-structures with the boundary element method
Changzheng Cheng

MS-16: Orthopaedic biomechanics and mechano- biology

Study on the Stability of Reverse Shoulder Arthroplasty
Haea Lee, Soo Min Kim, Soung-Yon Kim, Soo-Won Chae
The study of cartilage contact area and pressure distribution under different physiological loading conditions
Yi Yang, Lihai Zhang, Saeed Miramini

MS-17: Analytical and numerical analysis of electro- and magnetomechanical systems

Variational bounds for the effective electroelastic moduli of piezoelectric composites with electromechanical coupling spring-type interfaces
Yin Shi, Yongping Wan, Zheng Zhong
Torque and Flux Density Optimization of a Small BLDC Motor Using the Electromagnetic FEM
Investigation of the Structural Integrity of Embedded Device Composites
Yi Xiao, Wenjing Qiao, Hiroshi Fukuda, Hiroshi Hatta

MS-18: Computational and Theoretical Biomechanics

Keynote: Cyclic Conformational Changes in GPCR Revealed by Normal Mode Analysis
Moon Ki Kim, Min Hyeok Kim
Simple Matrix Method with Nonhomogeneous Space Increments in Finite Difference Method
Sungki Min, Junghwa Hong, Hunhee Kim

MS-19: Modelling and simulating multifield coupling behaviour of smart materials and structures

Qingsheng Yang, Wei Wei, Lianhua Ma
A new multiscale method for geometrically nonlinear shape morphing of fluid actuated cellular structures
Jun Lv, Hui Liu, Wu Hong Zhang
Thermomechanical analysis of porous SMP plate
tao ran

MS-20: Engineering Inverse Problems

An Inverse Identified Method for the Spatial Distribution of Dynamic Loads
Jie Liu
Parameter estimation approach for particle flow model of rockfill materials using response surface method
shouju li
Static structural uncertainty analysis based on a modified double Monte Carlo method
Zhao Xiao

MS-21: Modelling and Simulation of Fiber-Reinforced Composites,

Modelling compressive crush of composite tube reinforced foam sandwiches
Jin Zhou
Analysis of the hollow structure with functionally gradient materials of Moso bamboo
Lianchun Long, Kai Chen, Zhaokun Wang
Mechanical Characterization of novel contour core panels
amit kumar Haldar
Modelling structural response of flax-based composite interlocking structures
Mohd Zuhri Mohamed Yusoff

MS-22: Uncertainty Modeling & Reliability Analysis

Keynote: A reliability analysis method for structures with correlated parameters using vine copula
Chao Jiang, Wang Zhang, Xu Han
Keynote: Uncertainty in non-linear long-term behavior and buckling of shallow concrete-filled steel tubular arches
xue shi, wei Gao, yonglin pi
Invited: Explicit iteration based-MCS for random vibration of nonlinear systems
Cheng Su, Huan Huang, Haitao Ma
Uncertain multi-objective optimization using a nonlinear interval number programming method
Xin Liu
Lucas Pereira Gouveia, Eduardo Toledo Lima Junior, João Paulo Lima Santos, Jorel Lopes Rodrigues Anjos, William Wagner Matos Lira
Long-term analysis of crown-pinned concrete-filled steel tubular arches
Kai Luo
A New Method for Hybrid of Probability and Interval Uncertainty Analysis
Jinglai Wu

MS-23: Computational Mechanics 0f Cells and Biomaterials

Keynote: Porohyperelastic finite element model for the kangaroo humeral head cartilage based on experimental study and the consolidation theory
Noyel Deegayu Namal Thibbotuwawa, Tong Li, Yuantong Gu
Keynote: Mechanics of biological materials with helical structures
Xi-Qiao Feng
Viscosity related fatigue mechanism of bio-multilayers
Yue Ding, Gangfeng Wang, Xinrui Niu

MS-24: Atomic and Multiscale Modelling and Simulation

Keynote: Mechanical Properties and Behaviors of Hierarchically Nanotwinned Materials under Indentation and Scratch
Yonggang Zheng, Haitang He, Hongwu Zhang, Hongfei Ye
Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of collapsed carbon nanotubes fibers by coarse-grain molecular dynamic simulations
Xia Liu, Qing-Sheng Yang
Engineering the mechanical properties of graphene nanotube hybrid structures through structural modulation
Kang Xia, Haifei ZHAN, Ye WEI, Shengbo Sang, Yuantong Gu
Electric Field-Controlled Performance of Fluid-Filled Carbon Nanotubes
Hongfei Ye, Hongwu Zhang, zhen Chen, Zhi Zong, Zhongqiang Zhang, Yonggang Zheng
A molecular dynamic simulation of CO2 separation from flue gas with graphyne membranes
Suchitra Waruni de Silva, Aijun Du, Wijitha Senadeera, YuanTong Gu
Rui Li

MS-25: Recent Advances In Meshfree and Particle Methods

Keynote: Smoothed particle hydrodynamics method for elastic-plastic structures
Seiya Hagihara, Sho Fumoto, Tomohiro Shirahama, Satoyuki Tanaka, Shinya Taketomi, Yuichi Tadano
Invited: Comparisons of calculation cost and accuracy between the explicit and semi-implicit distributed memory parallel MPS method
An extra dof-free and well-conditioned XFEM
Longfei Wen, Rong Tian

MS-26: Soft Matter Mechanics

Keynote: Nonlinear effects in soft cylindrical composites
Dong Wang, Mao See Wu
Invited: Relations between the Poynting and axial force-twist effects
Dong Wang, Mao See Wu
Surface Wrinkling of a Polymeric Gel During Transient Swelling
William Toh, Teng Yong Ng, Zishun Liu

MS-27: Computational Fracture Mechanics for Quasi-Brittle Materials

Keynote: 3D In-situ XCT Image Based Meso-scale Fracture Modelling and Validation of Concrete Using Voxel Hexahedron Meshing and Damage Plasticity Model
Yujie Huang, Zhenjun Yang, Wenyuan Ren, Guohua Liu, Chuanzeng Zhang

MS-28: Computational Materials Design

Design of new high explosives by introducing N-oxides into 1H-tetrazole
Wu Qiong

MS-29: Computational Biomedical Engineering

Invited: A Computer Based Objective Grading System for Facial Paralysis
Heow-Pueh LEE, Saurabh Garg, Shu Jin Lee
Invited: Ballistic Impacts of a Full-Metal Jacketed (FMJ) Bullet on a Validated Finite Element (FE) Model of Head-Cushion-Helmet
Kwong Ming Tse, Long Bin Tan, Bin Yang, Vincent Beng Chye Tan, Siak Piang Lim, Heow Pueh Lee
A Finite Element Model of the Head and Neck for Automotive Impact Applications
B. Yang, K.M. Tse, L.B. Tan, N. Chen, H.P. Lee
Airflow Dynamics in a Short Inhalation
Alister Bates, Raul Cetto, Neil Tolley, Robert Schroter, Denis Doorly
challenge of visualising large airway flows and particle transport
hadrien calmet, Alberto Gambaruto, Guillaume Houzeaux, Allister Bates

MS-30: Numerical Methods for Engineering Problems with Strong Nonlinearity

Reduced-Order Modeling for Transonic Wing Flutter Analysis Including Effects of Control Surface and Nonzero Angle of Attack
Taehyoun Kim, Kwok Leung Lai

MS-31: Development and Application of High-order Methods for Compressible and Incompressible Flows

Keynote: Numerical Simulations Using a Phase-Field Model Describing the Red Blood Cells in a Capillary
Hui Zhang
Invited: Two computational approaches for the simulation of fluid problems in rotating spherical shells
Ferran Garcia, Emmanuel Dormy, Juan Sánchez, Marta Net
Invited: Source term and infiltration extension of the shallow water equations derived from incompressible Navier-Stokes
Philip James Andrew Townsend
SIAC Filtering for Boundary Filtering over Nonuniform Mesh Structures
Xiaozhou Li

MS-32: Molecular Dynamics Simulations on Nanomechanics

Keynote: Transport of Water and Small Ions through Graphene-Based Membranes
Hengan Wu, Fengchao Wang
Droplet Evaporation on Flexible Nanopillared Surfaces
Feng-Chao Wang, Heng-An Wu

MS-33: Computational Modelling and Simulation in the Development of Medical Devices

Keynote: Simulation Based Design and Evaluation of Carotid Stents and Heart Valves
Fangsen Cui, Gideon Praveen Kumar, Foad Kabinejadian, Hwa Liang Leo
Invited: Effect of strut curvature on the crimpability of mitral valve stents
Gideon Praveen Kumar, Hwa Liang Leo, Fangsen Cui
Invited: Evaluation of Hemodynamic Performance of a Novel Carotid Covered Stent
Foad Kabinejadian, Fangsen Cui, Pei Ho, Hwa Liang Leo

MS-35: Residual Stresses and Eigenstrains

Keynote: Three-dimensional Welding Residual Stresses Evaluation Based on the Eigen-strain Methodology via X-ray Measurements on Surface
Masaru Ogawa
Keynote: Hybrid contour method/eigenstrain model for predicting residual stress in glass
Mithila Achintha, Bogdan Balan
Multiple Inhomogeneous Inclusions under Mixed Lubricated Contact
Qingbing Dong, Kun Zhou, Leon M. Keer
Efficient Prediction of Bending Deformation with Eigenstrain for Laser Peen Forming
Yongxiang Hu
Investigation of the effect of residual stress on the crack driving force
Xiaobo Ren
Determining the Residual Stresses of Circular Weld Bead with Eigenstrain BIE as an Inverse Approach
Hang Ma

MS-36: Advanced Computational Methods in Limit and Shakedown Analysis of Structures

Keynote: Plastic Limit Analysis of Defective Pipelines under Complex Loads
Yinghua Liu, Xianhe Du

MS-37: Computational Methods for Tensegrity and Tension Structures

Keynote: The Stiffness of Tensegrity Structures
Simon David Guest
Keynote: Form-finding of Tensegrity Structures by using Non-linear Analysis
Jingyao Zhang, Makoto Ohsaki
Invited: Dynamic Modeling of Tensegrity Robots Rolling over the Ground
Shinichi Hirai, Ryo Imuta
Invited: Investigating the influence of bending in the structural behavior of tensegrity modules using dynamic relaxation
Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos, Adriaenssens M. Sigrid
Form-Finding and Stability Analysis of Tensegrity Structures using Nonlinear Programming and Fictitious Material Properties
Makoto Ohsaki
Self-equilibrium Analysis of Cable Structures based on Isogeometric Analysis
Keigo Harada
Novel algebraic results for tensegrity structures
Michele Marino, Franco Maceri, Giuseppe Vairo
Large-scale tensegrity assembled from prismatic cells: Design method and mechanical properties
Li-Yuan Zhang, Xi-Qiao Feng

MS-38: Mechanics and biomimetics of surface and interface

Keynote: The adhesion mechanism of a bio-inspired nano-film
Shaohua Chen
Keynote: Overall mechanical behavior of nanocrystalline materials accompanied by crack initiations and propagations along grain boundaries
yueguang wei
Invited: Interface dissipation mechanism of nanocrystalline ceramics in thermal shock fracture
Lihong Liang, Xiaona Li, Yueguang Wei
Invited: Adaptive periodical representative volume element for simulating periodical postbuckling behavior
Bin Liu
Sun G.F
Molecular dynamic simulation on collision induced cold welding in ceramic nanoparticles
Zijian Yao, Yonglong Hu, Bing Chen, Jian Lu, Xinrui Niu, Jiabin Liu

MS-39: Advances in Multi-Physics Modelling and its Applications

Keynote: Advances in Numerical Methods and algorithms in Computational Geosciences
Chongbin Zhao

MS-40: Advances in Topology and Shape Optimisation

Keynote: Topology Optimization of Tissue Scaffolds for Biotransport Criteria
Che-Cheng Chang, Shiwei Zhou, Wei Li, Qing Li
Improved Element Exchange Method for Topology Optimization
Liang-Jenq Leu, Ko-Wei Shih, Chun-Yu Ke

MS-41: Development and application of smoothed finite element method

Keynote: Smoothed finite element methods in the determination of composite material properties
Quan Bing Eric Li
Invited: Analysis and simulations of a micro-polar elastic beam
xu xu, Nan Ding
Invited: A face-based smoothed XFEM for three-dimensional fracture problems
Yong Jiang
Invited: Performance Evaluation of the Selective Smoothed Finite Element Method with Deviatoric/Hydrostatic Split
Yuki Onishi
Asymptotic Behavior of Solutions for Dissipative Wave Equations in Inhomogeneous Media
Shuguan Ji
Weak-Painleve Property and Integrability of General Dynamical Systems
Shaoyun Shi
Feature Extraction of Hand-Vein Patterns Based on Ridgelet and Morphing Transform
Xiao Han, Yu Zhang, Siliang Ma

MS-42: Advanced Computational Methods in Underwater Acoustics

Keynote: An edge-based smoothed three-node Mindlin plate element (ES-MIN3) for static and free vibration analyses of plates
Chai Ying Bin
Invited: SPH Simulation of Sound Propagation and Interference
YongOu Zhang, Tao Zhang, TianYun Li
A Couple Cell-/Face-based Smoothed Finite Element Method for Fluid-structure Problems
Zhixiong Gong
Calculation of underwater acoustic scattering problems in unbounded domain using the alpha finite element method
yaofei li

MS-43: Hybrid Analytical-Numerical Methods

Keynote: Eliminating the Pressure-Velocity Coupling from the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations Using Integral Transforms
Daniel J. N. M. Chalhub, Leandro A. Sphaier, Leonardo S. de B. Alves
Keynote: Generalized Integral Transform Solution of Extended Graetz Problems with Axial Diffusion
Leandro Alcoforado Sphaier
Non-linear stability analysis of a Darcy flow with viscous dissipation
Michele Celli, Leonardo Alves, Antonio Barletta
Unstable mixed convection in an inclined porous channel with uniform wall heat flux
Antonio Barletta, Michele Celli
Multi-scale Multiplicative Perturbation Average Method for FPU Equation
Feng Wu, Qiang Gao, Wanxie Zhong
Semi-analytical integral approach for wave propagation simulation in layered composites with defects
Mikhail V Golub, Evgeny V Glushkov, Natalia V Glushkova

MS-44: Multiscale Modeling of Mechanical Property

Keynote: Pull-out Force Predictions of Carbon Nanotubes From Polymer and Ceramic Matrices
Ning Hu, Y. Li, H. Ning
Multiscale seamless domain method for linear elastic and steady temperature problems
yoshiro suzuki
Hyperelastic Modeling of Chain-Distributed Particle-Reinforced Composite in Finite Deformation
Xiaohao Shi, Yang Chen, Xiaoping Jiang, Zaoyang Guo
A Cellular Automaton for the Simulation of Dynamics in a Complex System
weifeng yuan, Lan Wei
An Algorithm for the Coupling of BEM and DDA
Yong Cai, weifeng yuan
Cellular Automaton in 2D Elastostatics
Qin Ying, weifeng yuan
Further Development of Sub-block DDA Fracturing Modelling Method for Rock Fracturing Failure Simulation
Jun Ning

MS-47: FE/DE Method and Applications

Customized Hip Implant Testing Using Gait Cycle for Normal Walking and Walking Up and Down Stairs.
Abhaykumar Kuthe, Abhaykumar Kuthe, Mangesh Dharme
Keynote: Alternately Moving Road Method for the FEM/DEM Simulation of Tire-Sand Interactions
Chunlai Zhao, Mengyan Zang
Invited: Adaptive Combined Discrete and Finite Element Algorithm for Analyzing Brittle Fracture
Mengyan Zang, Wei Xu
Invited: A temporally-piecewise adaptive algorithm with SBFEM to solve viscoelastic problems
Yiqian He, Haitian Yang, Andrew Deeks

MS-48: Numerical Simulations in Flow Control

Effects of working condition on the flow field in a pressure-swirl atomizer
longxiang zhang
Analysis of non-Newtonian fluids parallel flow between the corrugated plates using the method of fundamental solutions and the radial basis functions
Jakub Krzysztof Grabski
Numerical Study of Supercritical Turbulent Convective Heat Transfer of n-Decane with constant heat flux and Endothermic Pyrolysis
bo ruan

MS-49: Computational Studies of Heart Functions

Intra-Ventricular Flow Dynamics Post-Implantation of a Bileaflet Mechanical Heart Valve
Foad Kabinejadian, Boyang Su, Hwa Liang Leo
Application of a Meshfree Radial Point Interpolation Method (RPIM) for Quantifying Three-Dimensional Left-Ventricular Regional Strains with Displacement ENcoding with Stimulated Echoes (DENSE) MRI and Validation in Reference to Tagged MRI
Julia Kar, Andrew K Knutsen, Brian P Cupps, Kathleen K Wallace, Michael K Pasque

MS-50: Advances in Nanomechanics and Multiscale Mechanics in Complex Materials

Keynote: A multiscale/multiphysics platform for analysis and design of photo-responsive polymer
Maenghyo Cho, Jung-Hoon Yun, Joonmyung Choi, Hayoung Chung
An investigation on disclination defect and nematic order coupled nonlinear behavior of liquid crystal glassy polymer using quasi-soft energy
Hayoung Chung, Jung-Hoon Yun, Joonmyung Choi, Maenghyo Cho
Opto-mechanical behavior of Azobenzene-doped liquid crystalline polymer: A molecular dynamics study
Joonmyung Choi, Hayoung Chung, Jung-Hoon Yun, Maenghyo Cho
Design of application-oriented photo responsive polymer devices based on optimization technique
Jaesung Park, Hayoung Chung, Maenghyo Cho
Photo-thermally induced photoisomerization profile of azobenzene in liquid crystal elastomer
Jung-Hoon Yun, Hayoung Chung, Joonmyung Choi, Maenghyo Cho
A multiscale study on the interfacial behavior of polymer nanocomposites with inelastic behavior
Hyunseong Shin, Junghyun Ryu, Seunghwa Yang, Seongmin Chang, Maenghyo Cho
A molecular dynamics study on toughening of thermoplastic modified epoxy
Byungjo Kim, Joonmyung Choi, Hyunseong Shin, Seunghwa Yang, Maenghyo Cho

MS-51: Computational Modelling of Materials with Uncertainty

Keynote: Probabilistic sensitivity analysis of the extensibility of wood at the ultrastructural scale
Francisco Alejandro Diaz De la O, Erick I. Saavedra Flores
Scaled boundary finite element analysis for elastic problems with interval parameters
Weihong Ma, Yiqian He, Haitian Yang
Multi-scale finite element modelling of cross-laminated timber plates and experimental validation
Erick I Saavedra Flores, Francisco A DiazDelaO, Paulina González Soto, Eduardo Pérez Pulgar

MS-52: Efficient Methods for Uncertainty Quantification

KL-expansion-based Monte Carlo simulation for dynamic reliability of structures subjected to non-stationary random excitations
Cheng Su, Rui Xu, Huan Huang
Quantifying Uncertainty and Imprecise Probability in Robotics Vehicle-Machines
Mustapha S Fofana
A-Posteriori Error Estimation in CFD using Higher Moments
Stuart Russant

MS-54: Inverse Problems, Design and Optimisation under Uncertainties

Model Reduction and Approximation Errors Applied on Damage Identification
Daniel Alves Castello, Jari Kaipio
Identification of a Position and Time Dependent Heat Flux by Using the Kalman Filter and Improved Lumped Analysis in Heat Conduction
César Cunha Pacheco, H.R.B. Orlande, M.J. Colaco, G.S. Dulikravich

MS-56: Recent Advances in Multiscale Numerical Methods for Solid Mechanics

Keynote: Modelling of dislocation mediated plasticity across the scales
Ron Peerlings, Michael Dogge, Marc Geers
Invited: Homogenisation methods with guaranteed accuracy: quantifying the scale separability.
Pierre Kerfriden
Computational multiscale modeling of fibrillar adhesives
Janine C. Mergel, Roger A. Sauer
Multiscale Quasicontinuum Approaches for Planar Beam Lattices
Lars Beex, Pierre Kerfriden, S.P.A. Bordas
Implicit computational method for compressible flows with high and low Mach numbers
Kazuma Aoki, Satoru Ushijima, Daisuke Toriu, Hiroshi Itada

MS-57: Linear and Nonlinear Dynamics

Keynote: Levitron: an exotic toy of nonlinear and linearised dynamics
Elvio Bonisoli
Invited: Nonlinear Control of Systems with Non-smooth Nonlinearities
Shakir Jiffri, John Mottershead
Invited: Active Control and Potential Exploitation of Parametrically Excited Systems
Maryam Ghandchi Tehrani
Invited: Topology effects on prestrained elastic networks
Paolo Paoletti, L. Mahadevan
Invited: An overview of recent developments of response averaging for the treatment of complex linear systems
Christophe Lecomte
Invited: Adaptive polygon scaled boundary finite element method for elastodynamics
Zihua Zhang, Zhenjun Yang
Symplectic Numerical Method for Nonlinear Feedback Optimal Control and Its Application in Tethered Satellite Systems
Haijun Peng
Dynamics of a Rotating Triangular Tethered Satellite Formation near Libration Points
Zhiqin Cai, Hong Zhou, Xuefu Li, Ying Feng

MS-58: Theoretical and Computational Analyses for Inverse Problems

Keynote: Numerical Caputo differentiation by radial basis functions
ming Li
Invited: Inverse analysis of heat transfer across a multilayer composite wall with Cauchy boundary conditions
ruiping Niu

MS-59: Computational Methods and Analysis of Dynamic Phenomena with Contact and Friction Interfaces

Keynote: Interface Vibrations in Brake pads
Georg Peter Ostermeyer
Thermo-Mechanical Model for Wheel Rail Contact using Coupled Point Contact Elements
Jan Christoph Neuhaus
Regularization of Nonholonomic Constraints in Multibody Systems
Alexander Fidlin
Numerical Simulation of Nonlinear Ultrasonic Wave Generation by an Interface Crack of Bi-material
Taizo Maruyama, Takahiro Saitoh, Sohichi Hirose
Simplified EHL contact model and its influence on nonlinear vibrations
Benedikt Wiegert
Assessing the bifurcation behaviour of periodic solutions in finite-element brake squeal models
Nils Gräbner, Merten Tiedemann, Utz von Wagner, Norbert Hoffmann
Efficient modelling of drillstring dynamics with spatially localised frictional contacts
Tore Butlin, Robin Langley

MS-60: Computational Methods for Extra Degrees of Freedom and Higher Gradients

Keynote: Computational Modelling of Shells with Scale Effects
Sebastian Skatulla, Carlo Sansour
Hyperelastic Fourth-Order Tensor Functions for Orthotropic Continua
David C. Kellermann
An Implicit MRCT Element
Hao Qin
Geometrically exact beam dynamics, with and without rotational degree of freedom
Tien Long Long Nguyen
Triangular and tetrahedral elements for strain-gradient theories
Stefanos Aldo Papanicolopulos, Antonis Zervos

MS-61: Advanced Computational Methods for Modelling of Fracture and Damage

Keynote: Interfacial fracture of polymer foam-metal composites at micro-scale using finite element analysis
Raj Das
Invited: Numerical Modeling of Dynamic Anisotropic Damage
Ioan R. Ionescu, Jia Li
Invited: Generalized Irwin plastic zone correction of a sub-interface Zener-Stroh crack in a coating-substrate system
Jing Zhuang, Zhongmin Xiao

MS-62: Advanced Computational Methods and Data Analysis in offshore industry

Keynote: Advance in Computational Hydrodynamics Applied to Wave-in-Deck
Yanling Wu, Graham Stewart, Yu Chen, Johan Gullman-Strand, xin lv, Pankaj Kumar
keynote: Challenges in offshore engineering, people and technology in a changing world
Johan Gullman-Strand
Invited: Challenge of Hydrodynamic Analysis for a Structure in Waves
Frank Lin
Invited: Uncertainty in modelling for wave energy device design
Rebecca Sykes
CFD-based Transient Ignition Modelling of Gas Leaks in Enclosures
Kumaresh Govindan Radhakrishnan, Ingar Fossan, Marutha Muthu Venkatraman, Knut Erik Giljarhus, Øystein Spangelo, Stian Jensen, Vinh-Tan Ngyuen, Yushi Liu

MS-63: Numerical Modelling of Fracture Growth

Numerical modelling of perforation impact damage of fibre metal laminates
Jin Zhou

MS-65: Micromechanics

Keynote: Subsurface damage mechanism of high speed grinding process in single crystal silicon revealed by atomistic simulations
Qihong Fang
Modeling cracks and inclusions near surface under EHL conditions
Qingbing Dong, Kun Zhou
Nucleation and growth mechanisms of deformation-twin in magnesium
Hong Qi Fang, Hui Feng, Chi Liang Zhang, Wen You Liu
Modeling strategies for predicting the behavior of nanocomposites: molecular dynamics, micromechanics, and finite element approaches
H. K. Lee, B. J. Yang

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