High resolution photos of beautiful sky: Album Sky_0001-0035

George Wendao


High resolution photos of beautiful sky and photos taken from the sky. You may

1) download the sample images (low resolution) for Albums by click at:

Album Sky-0001Album Sky-0002Album Sky-0003Album Sky-0004Album Sky-0005Album Sky-0006Album Sky-0007Album Sky-0008Album Sky-0009Album Sky-0010

Album Sky-0011Album Sky-0012Album Sky-0013Album Sky-0014Album Sky-0015Album Sky-0016Album Sky-0017Album Sky-0018Album Sky-0019Album Sky-0020

Album Sky-0021Album Sky-0022Album Sky-0023Album Sky-0024Album Sky-0025Album Sky-0026Album Sky-0027Album Sky-0028Album Sky-0029Album Sky-0030

Album Sky-0031Album Sky-0032; Album Sky-0033Album Sky-0034Album Sky-0035

2) choose any one photo or all 20 photos of any Album;

3) make the payment online; and

4) email to scientechpublisher@gmail.com with the file name of the photo or Album choosen and the payment receipt.

The high resolution photo will emailed to you within 24 hours (often immediately after the email is received). For any problem, please contact Joanne at scientechpublisher@gmail.com.

The purchaser has the following license:

1) The purchaser may copy or edit parts or the whole photo for his/her uses of any purpose including commercial uses.

2) The number of total copies is limited to 10,000 per photo for one purchase.

3) Re-sale is not permitted.

4) Copyright resides with the original copyright owner.

5) Not refundable once delivered for all these digital products.

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